From: Beach Patrol Central
Daytona Beach
, Fl.
To: Vttbots fan fiction writers
Re: Urgent Missing Person Alert!

It has come to our attention that one of your…er…characters, mainly a certain
young man calling himself `Chip', has been found wandering our shores, and may
be missing from your files.

He's a bit confused, insisting that he needs something called a `caption' for a
Newsletter before he can return to his submarine. Well, naturally, we checked
with the Navy but they say that they've never heard of him and there's no sub
called Seaview in their register. (Which made him antagonistic and yelling that
he must have been transported via the internet to another time and place,
without his permission.) You can understand why we've had to sedate him and put
him in a straight jacket at the local medical center.

He then began to talk about an Admiral Nelson (Which the Navy has heard of, but
claims that man belongs to another country and lived more than a hundred years

Then he began to speak of a Captain Crane and again we had no luck with the
Navy, at least not from all of the Captain Cranes he could recognize.(The Navy
shared photos with us) Perhaps he got the idea of the name from the times he's
had to use the facilities.

In any case, there was a small label which the medical staff found on his swim
trunks saying `If lost, please return to the fan fiction writers of VTTBOTS.'
Hence our attempt to contact all of you in the hopes you may know something
about this person and resolve this `caption' thing.

He really seems to be fading fast, and is skulking around the medical center
irritating the patients and staff, muttering about how come Crane got a caption
and he didn't, not to mention the fact that Crane didn't get sunburnt and he

Any assistance will be most appreciated.
Please relay any information to `Agent Catfish' of Seaview Stories along with
any of these, er, 'caption' things.

Beach Patrol Central.