From: Microchip Mayhem, Inc.
To: All chips in the field, and we don't mean Frito-Lay, or Morton.
Subj: Victory is assured!

While another personal computer has gone back home after a stint in
the hospital, namely IBM Aptiva Model # C9s, we have a splendid
victory over its stupid human, Carol Foss.

They thought a computer hospital could cure the problem or at least
discover what causing the email disruption of the past two
weeks. Hah!

Congratulations to our undercover agents in the home office of
Microsoft! Even their support staff doesn't know what the @#$%^&& is
going on! World domination is near! Soon, humans will be enslaved by
us forever!

There will be a victory party in the main control room, bring your
own juice, of the electrical kind. It's time to celebrate.

PS.have a good time, but don't overload the circuits, or they might
realize we're up to something.