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Mature Themes SubSection

Queen of Spades- by Sea Starr *Removed by author

The Hostage- by Sea Starr *Removed by author

Gentle Hands, Hard Resolve- by Sea Starr *Removed by author

Through the Glass, Darkly by 'Storm' *posted 22 August 2010 (Part of a series)

While Others Walk Alone by Pauline Owers *posted 7 Dec 2009.
Be My Valentine by Pauline Owers *posted 06 Sept. 2009

Seaview's Song: The question of humanity is explored in this gripping and unusual tale of the Seaview. Posted 03 Oct.99
Persistant Obsession: This is a suspense thriller

Deceptions Posted 18 Dec.2000* Butter the popcorn for this gripping nail-biter!

The Temple*posted 01 March 2001* A simple investigation turns into a terrifying mystery! Heavy violence

Consequences*posted 07 March 2001* Consequences always follow actions as seen in this gripping and intrieging tale.

PaybackSequel to Consequences*posted 14 June 2001*

Restitution Sequel to Payback

*posted 19 Oct 2001