A Letter to Mom


Cindy Kimura


June 18, 1970

Dear Mom,

Just a short letter to you. The Seaview is docked in Puget Sound, Washington and I have some free time.

Got some shore leave so I decided to visit Uncle Martin and Aunt Sarah and the two cousins, Niles and Frasier. I had a pretty good visit listening to Uncle Martinís police stories. But you know Uncle Martin is always a kick. I had a nice home cooked meal and spent the night. I was able to tell them a few of the adventures aboard Seaview, but Uncle Martin kept rolling his eyes, sometimes I think he doesnít believe me.

Anyway you had asked about the cousins, Niles and Frasier. Frankly I think they are in for a spot of trouble. Uncle Martin told me that the boys had told him they were going to be rich and famous. Seems they both want to be psychiatrists. Can you imagine that?? Personally I think they are two petty and insecure for such a career as that. To me they seem like two selfish boys and donít care about anyone but himself, always comparing themselves to each other. A bad case of the one upmanship if you ask me. How they are going to help people is beyond me, anyway just wanted to let you know the rest of the family is fine and I will see you next time I get a longer show leave.