Sex and the seaman as it applies to the world of Irwin Allen, if Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea were being written today but had to pass IA's restrictions.



Leigh Holman

"Oh, please!" she purred in his ear as she crawled across his prone body, licking at his ear. "Come on, 'Daddy's' away and we can play. You promised me!"

He came instantly awake, pushing her to the side of the bunk, "How did you get down here?" he demanded.

She giggled, "You left the door unlocked and I got lonesome. Besides I haven't seen you for so long."

"We can't do this! Not here, not while he's around. Anyway I was going to be there in the morning.""

"Yes, we can." She cooed at him. "I* want you now, not in the morning." She ran her hands through his hair, catching her fingers in the curls, kissing each in turn as she moved slowly to the nape of his neck. She pulled away from him for only a minute, her nose crinkled up in laughter, "I burnt the his reports except for the original. He's gone to make copies for his meeting. The sub is docked and most of the people are gone. I snuck pass the guards, it's amazing what red overalls can do when they are a couple sizes too large."

"No, this isn't allowed! Not on the sub…"

"I know," She agreed, "but can't we pretend we are in some really cheap hotel with a small bed and horrible lighting? I was lonesome." She wiggled back on his body, tearing the blanket and sheet from him. Stopping when she realized that he was still dressed in his khakis. "You sleep in your uniform?"

"My pajamas are in the laundry." He informed her with as much dignity as he could. "Anyway, I was tired and taking a nap… it got cold."

She paused again, "Okay, it will be a bit more interesting but I think we can work around this. I can heat you up too!"

He tried pulling the blanket back up, but she held it firmly from him. "I told you that this isn't accepted. He'll have a fit about this if he finds out what's going on."

"I know!" she giggled, pushing him back down on the small cot. "But I'm not going to tell him, are you?" she whispered to him. "We could say that we are testing out the cots for comfort." She climbed back on his body, folding her tanned legs under her buttocks as she pulled him up to her by his tie. "So this is why the Navy wears ties." She giggled to him.

He couldn't help but smile back at her, "This isn't the reason why we wear ties, and I don't think he care how comfortable they are for this activity." He yanked the tie from her grasp, bring her close to him.

She forced him back down to the pillows, "Oh? Why does the Navy wear ties?

You just have to take them off when you go diving and they can be used against you."

He wiggled under her, trying to get free, wondering if the door to the cabin was locked. Some of the men had a habit of just walking in the cabin after a quick knock. He would have a hard time explaining this situation to anyone.

"Keep wiggling, lover, I like that feeling!"

"Stop that!" he demanded in his best command voice, which was little more than a squeak. Hmmmm! That did feel good….. "Will you kindly behave yourself!"

"But I am behaving as the best I can." she countered laughing down at him. She moved her legs around, until she was actually sitting on top of him, her delicate feet on either side of his head. She was busy trying to undo the belt buckle without loosing her perch on his body.

He reached for her ankle, caressing it, but then stopping. She was wearing black seamed hose, held in place by black pearl encrusted garters. "Shouldn't you be wearing black three inch heels with this outfit?" he demanded, pulling her down on him, pinning her hands against him. "You were wearing them earlier."

She smiled in response to his gentle scolding. "What does he do, super-glue these things shut?" she asked freeing her hands, rubbing him gently before returning to work on the zipper. Looking into his eyes, she smiled. "Oh, they're chilling on the floor."

"Chilling on the floor?" He asked, fighting to get her hands off the zipper.

"Had to put the champagne in something." She giggled back at his struggles. Kissing him hard on the mouth she tried to pin his hands down on the bed. "Come on, give me some of that stuff!" She asked,

"Oh?" he sat up quickly, nearly toppling her from her place on top him. "I forgot that I had gum in my pocket." He answered, pulling a pack of gum from his pocket. He offered the pack to her, "Want some?"


"Yes, I do want some … but not gum nor did I want your hands in your pockets."

She replied.

"And just where did you want my hands?" He asked her. He looked at her for the first time. She straddled his legs, wearing a fine lace teddy that revealed everything to him. All of her secrets were waiting for him to reach out to her. This was one of the times that he did not have to ask her to submit to him, she was willing. He looked carefully, at her groin, and her chest, the wonderful curve of her body as she sat there proudly, showing herself to him.

"But you don't have pockets." He answered her, smiling back into her eyes.

She giggled at him, "No, I don't have pockets." She took his large hands in hers and laying them on her breasts. "But I do have these…"

He touched her gently; "You seem to be warm. Are you running a fever?"

"Well, I was warm when I came in here but I seem to be cooling off rather fast." She told him.

"That's good." He answered her. "I don't want you being sick."

"I am about sick." She replied, pulling him to her. She kissed him hard, begging that he would respond and allow her inside him.

To her absolute amazement he did respond to the kiss, allowing them to join in the passion before pushing her back off him as he struggled to get up from the cot.

"Where are you going?" she demanded.

He turned, smiling back at her, "To make damned sure that the door is locked." He played with the lock for a minute and stepped over to the desk, dropping the key in the drawer. "Let's hope that these old locks actually work or we are going to have a interesting time explaining this when he gets back."

She giggled as he stepped back to the bed, "Now do you really want me to demonstrate how to unzip a regulation Naval zipper?" He paused to pick up the slipper from the bucket of ice, slipping at it slowly. He reached out and turned off the reading light, shading the room in a soft darkness as he took her hand in his.