The Jungle Queen


A story by Sea Star



Admiral Harriman Nelson followed his guide through the thick jungle, following a path that had been reclaimed by jungle growth.  The guide and their native caravan slashed through the overgrowth with machetes as Harry's global positioning unit indicated the clearing was just ahead.  A clearing in the middle of the jungle was an oddity and indeed the reason for their current trek through the Amazon jungle.


“Admiral,” Lee said moving up from his position in the rear of the caravan.  “Something's not right.  I think we're being stalked,” he added.


“An animal?” Harry clarified.


“A cat I think,” Lee replied keeping his attention on his surroundings even as he spoke.


“Alright, we'll have to be careful,” Harry cautioned, taking Lee Crane's instincts and survival skills very seriously.


“Aye Sir,” he replied and assumed his position at the rear guard.


The sound of a jungle cat growled in the forest as the caravan of men stopped in their tracks and were noticeably troubled.  The guide spoke in their native language trying to calm the men who were obviously agitated as they argued back and forth. 


Yaguarete!  Yaguarete!”  The caravan natives yelled in Tupian meaning True Beast, or more pointedly, Black Panther.


“They are afraid of the Black the Panther,” Tiago the guide explained. 


“We're well armed,” Harry noted with six rifles among the group, not to mention the sidearms.


“It is not just any panther they fear,” he explained.  “They believe this beast is Rainha, the Jungle Queen.”


“Jungle Queen?” Lee asked joining in the conversation.


“A myth, a legend of the jungle.  A black panther who has stalked this area for years, they say she is over a hundred years old.  She is a dangerous hunter and is relentless.  She will not give up once she has set her sights on her prey.”


Harry raised a discriminant eyebrow at Tiago's description, as the panther's life cycle was typically twelve to fifteen years.


“Will they continue?” Lee asked, knowing they needed to reach the clearing to install their special equipment.  The clearing was a strange phenomenon in the jungle as no vegetation grew there and oddly the jungle did not reclaim the bare piece of land.  It was the perfect place to set up the land based triangulation equipment, a back up to the emerging technology of the satellite based global positioning system.  This station would talk to the satellites and serve as a fixed point should the satellites fail and require a reboot.  Similar stations were being installed in strategic locations across the globe with Seaview doing her part in the large scale project.


“I believe so,” Tiago replied, answering Lee's question regarding the natives' willingness to continue.


“Then let's keep moving,” Harry ordered as the group moved forward.


The caravan moved slowly ahead, recarving the overgrown path with their machetes as sentries walked with their rifles cradled and ready for action.  The sound of the large jungle cat was heard from time to time as the natives became more agitated.  Lee was sure the cat was stalking them as well and moved with extreme caution, watching the jungle around him as well as watching over Harry. 


He silently regretted not utilizing his own crew in the caravan instead of using so many locals.  But Tiago had convinced them that the natives didn't appreciate being in the minority in what they considered their turf.  So for good relations and against his better judgment, Lee had left behind his own crew as only he and Harry embarked on the journey.


Another growl, very close this time caused the entire caravan to stop in their tracks.  The natives dropped their loads and pointed ahead arguing with Tiago in a heated discussion.


“They say they will go no further.  They say Rainha has already chosen her prey.  The clearing is but a quarter mile ahead, but they will go no further.”


The natives continued to yell as Lee picked up on the fact that they wanted their compensation now.


“Tell the men they will be paid double to carry the equipment to the clearing, after that they can go.  We'll make our way back ourselves,” Lee said, hoping to negotiate a way to get the equipment to the clearing before nightfall.


More negotiations were loudly exchanged then all but three men picked up their gear and agreed to carry on.


“Pay them their agreed upon wages,” Lee ordered.


“But they did not complete the journey,” Tiago argued and then relented as Lee insisted.  The rest of the men held out for the double pay and moved forward.


Lee brought up the rear and heard noises behind him, he turned expecting to see one of the natives but saw only a flash of black cross the path that disappeared into the jungle.  He followed the cat's expected path with his rifle but had no clear shot and continued forward.  The natives were right about one thing, the black panther was relentless.  It had trailed them for several miles as they moved along pain-stakingly slow while the men with machetes cleared the path and yet she had not attacked.  She was a patient hunter and Lee worried for the three men who had left as their small numbers would make them easy targets.  He continued forward losing track of the sleek cat's movements when he felt something behind him.  He turned seeing the flash once again, this time closer as the hair on the back of his neck tingled at the danger, almost as if he could feel her breath on his back.


You're getting jumpy Crane, he silently admonished himself and continued to scan the jungle as the rear guard.  He was relieved when they reached the clearing, as the natives all dropped their loads and held their hands out for their double compensation.  Tiago paid the men as they left hastily leaving Harry, Lee and Tiago alone. 


Both Harry and Lee possessed extraordinary survival skills and had had the opportunity to test those skills in the jungle on more than one occasion, so neither was terribly concerned.  They would set up camp before nightfall and set the equipment up at first light.  With any luck they would be on their way by late afternoon.  They would leave most of the equipment and supplies behind; a casualty to the lack of caravan men, but the loss was minimal compared to the advantage of having the equipment in place.


“It is unfortunate to have lost so many men,” Tiago observed.  “The camp will have to be guarded throughout the night,” he finished.


“We'll all take a shift,” Harry suggested.  “Now, let's set up camp before nightfall,” he finished, not shaken by the course of events. 


The tents were erected and a hearty fire was made as Tiago created a large pile of wood and vegetation to burn throughout the night.  The clearing made for a good camp site as the men rolled fallen tree trunks to use as make shift benches around the fire.  The sun set fast as the jungle foliage blocked the sun's descent on the horizon but their camp was well lit with oil lamps as they ate their freeze dried rations and made plans for the evening.


“Then it's settled,” Harry stated matter of factly.  “Tiago will take the first watch, Lee will take the second watch and I'll take the third.”


“Aye Sir,” Lee replied as he felt the hair on his neck rise again, it was as if they were being watched.


“Keep a good eye out, Tiago, I think the cat is back,” Lee warned.


“I have not heard her sounds,” Tiago replied, a seasoned guide who was well accustomed to jungle cats.


“It's more of a feeling,” Lee answered, also seasoned in the jungle.


Tiago nodded his agreement as Lee took one last look around.


“Something wrong Lee?” Harry asked.


“I don't know Admiral, just a feeling I guess.  Good night Sir,” he added as he entered his tent while Harry took to his.


~ 0 ~


Lee was already awake and tying his boots when Tiago called him for the watch.


“It has been quiet,” Tiago reported.


“Very well.  Sleep well Tiago,” Lee replied. 


Lee stoked the fired knowing it was the best deterrent to the animals of prey and walked a perimeter around the camp.   He agreed with Tiago's assessment but didn't let his guard down as he was the first line of defense for the rest of the camp.  The first hour passed slowly but without incident until Lee felt the hair at the nape of his neck stand again.  There was no accompanying sound just a feeling that he was being watched.  Years of trusting his sixth sense of danger caused him to take notice as he held his rifle ready and watched the jungle for any sign of the beast.  


Then without warning the cat was upon him, he managed to get off a warning shot to alert Harry of the danger but his rifle was batted out of his hands as a flash of black ascended on him.  In one swift move he felt the cat's claw against his chest as he found himself flat on his back trying to fend off the powerful beast.  The yellow eyes of the panther were both piercing and terrifying as he fought to keep the powerful jaws from descending on his neck.  


Then the sounds of the jungle began to fade away as he felt a strange feeling overtake him, as if he had been drugged.  He heard shots fired in the air and vaguely heard Harry and Tiago's voices as he fixated on the panther's eyes.  The panther roared in the direction of Harry and Tiago as it hovered over Lee and then bounded into the jungle but Lee was only partially aware of his surroundings.  He was floating in between two existences, one here in the jungle, the other here... but not here.


~ 0 ~


“Lee!” Harry called taking a knee beside him and taking in the blood on his shirt in the shape of a claw mark.  Tiago stood guard as Harry assessed his injury, unbuttoning his shirt and parting it to find a claw scrape.  It had drawn blood and didn't appear to be particularly deep, but Lee was thrashing from side to side as if in great pain.


“Help me move him to the tent,” Harry said as Tiago slung his rifle over his shoulder and quickly grabbed Lee's legs, carrying him across the camp to his tent.


~ 0 ~


Lee heard Harry call to him but even as his body thrashed back and forth in pain he felt a strange disconnection.  He was completely aware of his surroundings as he was lifted from the shoulders and the legs but as he was raised from the ground he felt a distinct separation, and like an out of body experience he watched Harry and Tiago carry him across the camp. 


The sounds of the jungle disappeared as his existence was split into two distinct planes.  He could see Harry taking his body into the tent and yet he was still lying on the ground where he had been attacked.  The pain was gone, even his shirt showed no sign of the cat's attack.  There was no blood, no pain and absolutely no sounds other than his own breathing.  He realized he was paralyzed, unable to move as the sounds of the panther's purring descended upon him.  He looked toward the tent and could see Harry tending his body through the open flap, but no one was aware that the panther had returned.


He felt the large cat straddle his body and found himself face to face with the black panther.  The drugged feeling increased as he realized he didn't possess the appropriate level of fear or even the self-preservation he should have with the beast hovering over him.  He stared into her yellow eyes as the panther's appearance faded into a strikingly beautiful woman with long black flowing hair.  Her eyes were as green as emeralds and her naked body was only partially covered with a transparent robe that plunged at the neckline. 


He was mesmerized by her eyes and captivated by her beauty as she ran her hand down his face and lowered herself to speak in his ear with a hot whispery breath.


“I have chosen you,” she breathed out as she unbuttoned his shirt.


Lee was confused, as beautiful as she was he instinctively knew that she was the Black Panther that had just attacked him.  She parted his khaki shirt running her hands down his chest as she sat astride his hips  purring her satisfaction, running her fingers down his rib cage and feeling the muscles of his well-defined abs on his washboard stomach.


“What...?” he breathed out, trying to understand what was happening as he was being seduced by the woman and yet lying in the tent at the same time.


“Shhhh,” she said with a purr and placed a single finger on his lips and then trailed it down his chest to his buckle.  Lee was paralyzed, unable to move or protest her actions, but though his body refused to move he felt every exciting touch of her hands as she parted his belt and lowered his zipper.


He tried to protest but only breathy moans escaped, his voice lost somewhere in his drugged state of existence.  He wondered if he it was real at all, perhaps he was hallucinating until he felt her hand reach into his pants as she proceeded to massage his groin.  Awareness hit him that this quasi-reality was indeed real as he felt his manhood harden under her touch.  As pleasurable as it felt it was wrong, he didn't want this... not like this.


“Please...” he managed to breathe out as she responded only with a devious smile, parting his pants wider, exposing his hardened manhood.


She leaned over kissing him hard and almost frantically, parting his lips and probing his mouth with her tongue as her hand stroked his hardness.  His body responded to her touch despite his protest of her brazen advances as a pleasure moan escaped.  She trailed her kisses down his neck to his chest and suckled on his nipples and then kissed his chest in a downward movement toward his groin.  He couldn't move and watched as she lowered herself downward handling his shaft and moaning her own delight.  Then she lowered herself over him and took his long rod into her mouth as he groaned again.  His eyes returned to the tent, ashamed of what was happening out in the middle of the camp and wondering if the Admiral would hear and come out, but he somehow knew that this existence was shielded from Harry's eyes.


She continued to suck on his manhood eliciting pleasure groans that he couldn't hold back as his body responded to her touch and skillful handling.  Her own sounds of pleasure were heard as she delighted in his body's response and tasted the seeping semen that oozed out in her mouth though he had not reached an orgasm yet.  Then she sat back and peeled off her translucent robe, exposing her ample breasts and hour glass figure.  She was voluptuous and desiring as she straddled him and lowered herself down on his long shaft.


His groans continued as she slid downward matched by her own moans.  She breathed heavily and full of passion as she rode him, slowly at first then faster and faster until she screamed in her own orgasmic pleasure.  Her satisfied groans were primal, erotic and exciting as Lee's own pleasure reached its height and he exploded within her.  Her pleasure heightened as his hot cum permeated her secret place and purred her delight slowing down her rhythm to match Lee's breathing indicating his orgasm was complete.


She leaned over him and whispered hotly in his ear.


“I have had you, now you are mine,” then dismounted him as his eyes fluttered closed and darkness took his awareness.


~ 0 ~


“Lee.  Lee can you hear me?” Harry called as he and Tiago laid him on the sleeping bag on the tent floor.


“Get the first aid supplies,” Harry said as he parted Lee's shirt.  Lee's head tossed side to side in obvious pain as sweat beaded on his forehead and rolled down the sides of his face.  Tiago returned with the kit as Harry poured astringent on a wad of gauze and began to blot away the blood on his chest.  He hadn't found any other wounds and was perplexed to see what looked like a very superficial wound under the blood.


“I don't understand,” Harry said, almost to himself but aware of Tiago's presence.  “He's writhing in pain but this wound isn't that bad.  There must be another wound,” he surmised as Tiago nodded his head in the negative.


“No.  He has been chosen.”


Harry stopped his ministrations to look back at Tiago, demanding further explanation for his strange statement.


“See the marking, it is her sign,” Tiago finished tracing the strange pattern on Lee's chest.


“Start making sense,” Harry demanded.


“His pain is real, she has injected him with a deadly poison.  Some men survive, most do not,” he finished as he settled down beside Harry on his knees.


“What are you talking about?  Panthers don't have poison or toxin in their claws, perhaps bacteria but it wouldn't affect him this soon,” Harry reasoned.


“She is no ordinary panther, she is Rainha, the Jungle Queen and he belongs to her now.”


Harry shook his head in disgust, he didn't need this mythical jibber-jabber right now.


“Nelson you must listen to me.  Those natives were fearful for a reason.  Some men have survived her taking, and they tell a strange story,” Tiago said as Harry poured water from a canteen on a rag to cool Lee's face and neck.  A fever was already growing, he noted.


“She is a beautiful enchantress but she doesn't seek love or to be loved, only to be satisfied.  Her lust is insatiable and she cares nothing for the man himself, only that he brings her pleasure.  They say she is domineering, and though her lair is filled with pleasure it is also filled with humiliation as she uses the man for the pleasure he gives only.  But he is subject to her only as long as his physical body lies near death.”


Harry pulled a wool blanket up to Lee's chest and then sat back on his haunches. 


“I don't understand, he's completely incapacitated...”


“Only his physical body.  His essence is with her now, in her lair.”


Harry blew out a breath of disgust, hardly able to believe the native myth as anything but a myth.


“You must believe me, Nelson.  Mark my words.  The poison will either kill him or pass if he is strong enough in several days.  If he survives he will be free from her, but if he dies he will remain her slave.  However, if she is satisfied with him she may come to kill his physical body in order to keep him with her.  Mark my words Nelson, your friend is in great peril.  No one wants to stay with her,” he finished darkly.


Harry reached for the kit and pulled out some aspirin, grinding it to a powder in a tin cup and adding a small amount of water.  He raised Lee's head positioning the cup to his mouth as he spoke.


“Lee, come on lad I need you take this.  It will keep your fever down.”


Lee groaned but his lips parted and took the sour drink without reacting to the taste.  Harry lowered his head aware that Lee wasn't lucid and indeed near delirium as Tiago rose from his place with his rifle in hand.


“I will stand guard outside, but you must be ready to protect him,” he said as Lee's head tossed back and forth.


Tiago exited the tent as Harry applied a cold compress once again.


“No... no,” Lee breathed out incoherently as Harry wondered just what was myth and what was reality.


~ 0 ~


Lee's eyes fluttered open though his awareness took a moment to catch up to his wakefulness.  His eyes scanned the ceiling over him, a marble-like polished stone alternating in shades of pale pink and green.  He lolled his head to the left seeing walls of similar appearance and then a wall blocked with bars, indicating he was a prisoner.  The bars weren't made of steel, but glowed in an orange hue of some sort of energy field.


He lay there regaining his strength, remembering both the black panther and the woman.  She had taken him, seducing him but not waiting for his consent.  He moved his hand wearily and felt his chest; there was no injury there, even though the cat had swiped him.  He realized his shirt was still parted and his pants still parted so he reached for his zipper, striving to regain his dignity.


Having passionate sex with a beautiful woman wasn't the end of the world, but it didn't sit well with him to be used so brazenly and there was no doubt that he had been used.  He stood and examined his cell finding no way out except the doorway in front of him, blocked by glowing bars.  He moved toward the bars and reached towards it.  The orange glow turned red as the bars grew in heat and intensity the closer he came to touching it.  He withdrew his hand realizing the bars would seriously burn him if he came in contact with them.  Instead he moved to get the best view of the room outside his cell.


It was opulent and decorated with an almost Roman appeal with marble sculptures along the walls; all men, naked and posed in sexually provocative positions.  Long silky drapes hung down the walls decorating the room with color.  There was an elegant chaise lounge sofa on one side and a table on the other, but the centerpiece of the room was the bed sitting on a raised stage.  Three steps led from the floor to the bed's platform as colonnades reached the ceiling at each corner of the platform.  Silky blankets draped elegantly on the bed and the erotically explicit paintings on the wall testified to the intended use of the room.


Was he really here to be a sex slave?  The incredulous thought passed through his mind as he remembered her saying she “chose” him.  She apparently believed her taking him in the middle of the jungle made him hers, something he begged to differ with as he continued to study the room.  Then an opening appeared in a wall, he hadn't even realized it was a doorway, as the woman entered her chamber.


She smiled, and moved toward him.


“You are awake,” she observed as she scanned his body, undressing him with her eyes.  “But you are still weak, I will wait awhile and then you shall pleasure me again,” she announced.


Lee blew an incredulous breath out.  “Do you mind telling me who you are and why you brought me here?”


“You know who I am.  I am Rainha, the Jungle Queen.  I am the Black Panther the natives fear and the woman the men desire and long for in their dreams.  It should not be a surprise why I have brought you here.  I found you desirable and tasted of your pleasure.  I wanted you so I brought you here into my world of pleasure and erotic satisfaction.”


Rainha, you're a beautiful woman and you were pleasurable,” Lee offered diplomatically, “but I not accustomed to being used in this manner.”


“I like the fire in your eyes my handsome man.”  She moved towards the bars as Lee stepped back at her approach.  She passed through the bars without consequence as the bars returned to their solid state behind her.  “But I think you need a reminder of just who is the Master here.” 


She raised her hand toward Lee as he immediately dropped to his knees in fiery pain, breathing hard and fighting back screams of pain.  Rainha lowered her hand and moved beside Lee running her fingers down his face.


“Satisfy me and you'll receive pleasure in return, anger me and you will be punished.”


She emphasized her point with another blast of pain as Lee fell to the floor, his screams finding their way out this time as he writhed in pain.


“Now recuperate your strength my handsome man, I will call for you later,” she said before turning and passing through the bars once again.


Lee lay on the floor for some time recovering before finally pushing up and settling on the cot against the wall.  She was mad; a cruel and evil seductress and he had no intention of giving her “pleasure”... sexual or otherwise, he determined silently.


~ 0 ~


Harry continued to care for Lee as the morning broke.  Tiago entered the tent with a tin cup filled with camp brewed coffee.


“Thank you,” Harry said as he took the cup.  He hadn't believed Tiago's incredible story earlier but Lee's condition was perplexing.  The cat's scratches weren't that deep and probably wouldn't even leave a scar and yet Lee was totally incapacitated in a strange fever that seemed to be sucking away his strength.  He hadn't regained consciousness and only spoke in a feverish delirium which made little sense.


“He has made it through the night, it is a good sign,” Tiago said.


“But his fever is still high, 104 degrees,” Harry replied taking another sip of the hot brew.


“Yes, her poison is very potent.”


“What more do you know about her?” Harry probed.


“She is a seductress, beautiful and desirable but she is cruel and harsh.  She roams the jungle as a cat, but she is strongest here.  That is why there is no vegetation, the ground is dead and unfruitful in her presence.”


“Why didn't you tell us about this?”


“Would you have believed me?  Besides, she has not taken a man in quite some time, one never knows when she will strike... perhaps when she has used up her last man and needs another,” he answered in a low voice.


“It is said she drains the life out of a man with each encounter,” he continued.  “We do not know for sure, since the only ones who return are those who survive the poison.”


“Why doesn't she kill them outright?”


“A good question.  The natives believe that she must take her prey first in this world before taking him to hers.”


“You mean...”


“She has already experienced him, probably right out there in the jungle.  If she is pleased she takes him with her, if not she leaves him.  A few men speak of being taken where they were attacked, though no one around them is aware of the copulation.  Others speak of a place, a lair she has created for her sexual satisfaction.  Some express enjoyment with pleasure and fantasies beyond their dreams, others speak of pain and cruelty for not meeting her expectations.  She creates both fear and desire at the same time, but many more men die than return so we cannot know for sure what he is going through,” Tiago finished.


“You must rest Nelson.  Only you can defend him if she returns.”


“What do you mean?”


“If she has found pleasure in him she may return to kill his physical body in order to keep him in her realm, but legend says that she cannot take a man from his family, from those who love him.  It is only a legend but when family members stand guard, the cat does not return.”



~ 0 ~


Lee woke to the smell of a feast, he wasn't sure how long he had slept only that his tired body demanded rest.  He found his way to the bathroom and noted the shower.  He felt “dirty” and stripped out of his khaki uniform, grateful to soak under the hot water as he extended a hand to lean against the wall and allowed the water to run down his head.  The soap was a pleasant and decidedly male scent as he surmised Rainha had provided a fragrance she found appealing.  Upon exiting he found his khaki uniform and underclothes gone and a change of clean clothes left in its stead; silky lounge pants that would no doubt hide none of his assets once aroused and a coordinating shirt with only one button near his naval. 


I feel like damned Gigolo, he thought as he had no choice but to don Rainha's choice for his attire.  He slipped his feet into the slide on slippers and brushed his hair.  A razor was provided and though he knew it was provided for her preference he shaved anyway for the fact that he preferred to be clean shaven.


He sighed, no hair products to tame the curls at which point he really didn't care anyway.  When he exited the bathroom he found the glowing orange bars deactivated and figured it was his invitation to join Rainha in her chamber.  He thought maybe he might reason with her again, but quickly amended that thought as her silver sheer dress with a slit up to her thighs left no doubt what was on her mind.


Her breasts pressed against the long flowing see-through gown and her thonged panties left nothing to the imagination with only a small triangle to cover her womanhood.  She smiled seductively, greeting his appearance.


“Ah my handsome man.”


“My name is Lee,” he said trying to establish some dignity to the situation.


“What does it matter?” She asked whimsically.  “Come my handsome lover, I have prepared a meal for us.”


Lee rubbed his temple as if sporting a headache but walked toward her outreach hand anyway.


Rainha... you're a beautiful woman, but I can't stay here.  I have a life back home.”


“Your life is where I determine it to be.  I enjoyed you in the jungle, now it's time for you to service me,” she said blatantly.


“I'm sorry, it just doesn't work that way.  I'd rather get to know a woman before jumping in bed, however pleasurable it may be.”


Rainha sighed discontently.  “You forget, you have no choice.  It is not a request for you to service me, I demand it.”


“I don't think so,” he said and turned for his cell.


“Wait!” she screamed, holding her hand out as Lee grunted and found himself frozen in place.  “You will service me and give me my every desire,” she finished as she twisted her hand causing Lee to turn to face her, then lowered her hand as Lee found himself on his knees before her, unable to control his own body movements.


She walked to the table and poured a glass of wine bringing it to Lee and tilting his head as she poured it down his throat.  She poured unmercifully as wine dripped down his chest in the process, then she released him as he swayed back and forth on his knees and blinked.


Damn, she drugged me again, he thought but the powerful drug worked quickly as he felt tingling and excitement.  She lowered herself down and unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders as her touch aroused him.  His eyes lowered to her see-through dress seeing her hardened and pointed nipples.  He longed to touch them, to suck on them.


She kissed his neck and then began to lick up the wine that had dribbled down his chest, her tongue producing a fire in his veins that he couldn't control as he reached and cupped her breast with one hand and the nape of her neck with the other.  He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed deeply, building momentum as his thumb ran over her extended nipple.  She giggled delightfully as his kisses trailed down her neck and his hand reached for her groin.


Ummmm,” she moaned as his aphrodisiac took full affect and Lee stood pulling her to stand with him, as he slid her dress off her shoulders until it puddled at her feet.  He scooped her in his arms and carried her up the stairs to the platform, kissing her ravenously as he walked.  Lee lowered her to the bed his tongue probing deeper and intertwining with her tongue as he groped and felt for her pleasure spot.  He slid his hand inside her panties and fingered her, eliciting more insistent moans.  Then lowered himself over her, taking both her hands in his as they meshed together in an erotic grasp while he trailed kisses on her neck and down her breasts.  She felt his hardness press against her, hampered by the silk lounge pants he still wore as he lowered himself to concentrate on her breasts.  He sucked them, bringing her nipples to a sharp and exciting point and kissed her mounds, squeezing and feeling her ample breasts beneath his strong but gentle hands.  He moved to the valley of her bosoms, burying his face in the delights there and kissing over to the other mound till he found her nipple once again and suckled it.  His passion was red hot, unchecked.  He was a mad man who knew nothing but the sexual pleasure he had to fulfill.  His passion burned hotter as his manhood demanded attention; he wanted her, to taste her so he lowered himself, kissing her stomach and licking her pelvis until he reached her panties.  Frantically he sat up and pulled the offending clothing out of his way as he viewed the perfect triangle of her body hair, and then the pink delights of her womanhood calling him.


He dove down kissing her inner thigh and working up as she reached down and grabbed a handful of his curly hair.


“Pleasure me, my handsome man.  Pleasure me,” she demanded in an erotic passion that excited him.


He slid his tongue past the lips of her private place and to the spot that he knew would send shivers up her body as he tasted her juices and reveled in its delights.  He sucked her and probed with his tongue as she wiggled and moaned her euphoria.  She drove his head deeper into her secret place as he responded feverishly, lost in his desire to make her cum... to watch her writhe in pure ecstasy.  Her breathing indicated her delight was heightening as he slid a finger into her secret place and reached a hand up to her breast, massaging it under his hand as her leg wrapped around his back.


“Pleasure me!” She screamed as she peaked, her pelvis rising in a thrashing as Lee matched her moves and continued to lick her pleasure spot until she screamed in utter rapture.  He sensed her orgasm was complete and kissed her private delights.


“I must suck you!” She said sitting forward as Lee rose to his knees and she feverishly slid her hands down his pants pulling them down his hips and exposing his long hard shaft.  She lowered herself down, sucking and running her tongue up and down his manhood as he reached for her head, cradling her dark hair in his hands and fondling her ears and cheeks.  She ravaged his manhood taking it deep into her throat and cupping his scrotum in her hands, adding pleasure to his experience.  He leaned back on his haunches and began thrusting into her eager mouth seeping liquid pleasure, the clear salty lubricant that preceded his fulfillment.  He tilted his head back, stretching his neck and groaned.


“Take me now!” She demanded laying back and spreading her legs for him.  He entered her secret place taking in the delights of her flower thrusting deep, hard, long strokes as she groaned.


“Faster, faster,” she screamed as he complied, turned on by her assertiveness and erotic delectation.  He held back his own exaltation as her hands ran up and down his chest, feeling his hard body beneath her fingertips.


She screamed in orgasmic pleasure as her neck tilted backwards and she quivered beneath him, he couldn't take it any longer he had to satisfy himself as he thrusted deeply and groaned out his own pleasure as his hot cum filled her once again.


He lowered himself over her body breathing heavily in her ear as his sweat filled body pressed against hers.  Her moans indicated her pleasure as he slowly rolled off and onto his back resting with his eyes closed as he recovered.


Slowly she rolled over and spotted his manhood lying across his pelvis, its rosy head ready to drip a white milky bead.  She leaned over him and licked the semen into her mouth as he moaned and she smiled deviously.  She ran her tongue up and down his softening manhood, he wanted to tell her it was too much but he didn't have the will power.  The aphrodisiac was still running strong as he reached up and caressed her back, moving her long hair to one side so he could feel the small of her back under his hand.  He ran his hand down her back and found the curves of her perfect buttocks while she handled his masculinity, her hands pulling up and down as he hardened once again under her touch.  He quivered, it was almost over stimulating but he couldn't tell her to stop, he wanted more.


His moans excited her as her insatiable desire heightened once again pulling for his pants still hanging low on his hips and ripping it off his legs to his groans of delight.  She climbed on top of him, mounting him and riding him like a steed horse.  She flung back her long hair as he reached up and groped her mounds beneath his hands.  It was too much he needed to thrust; he leaned forward lifting her onto his pelvis as he swung his legs off the bed.  She wrapped her legs around his hips and he stood as she slid deeper onto his shaft while he lifted her up and down, thrusting in midair.  She screamed in delight at his strength... his experience and vowed never to let this man return to his world.  She would kill to keep him here, to experience this delight as oft as she desired. 


He turned around and lowered her onto the bed, standing over her and never losing his hold in her treasure spot, then thrusted deeply and hard as his shoulder muscles bulged in the effort.  Her moans filled the room as she wrapped her legs around his hips tighter, driving him deeper inside until he erupted once again.  He slowed his strokes, pumping out the last of his seed into her wet felicity and pulled out.  He looked down and smiled at the white cum dripping down her inner thighs.


Rainha pulled him down to join her on the bed as he fell asleep with her head on his chest, contemplating her new inamorato.  He was perfect.  It mattered not what he wanted, only that she have him when she desired.


She had been monitoring his recovery back in the tent and she knew his strength was returning.  She would have to kill his physical body to keep him with her.  Rainha ran her tongue over her lips remembering how exciting a hunt was.  She would visit the jungle once again as the Yaguarete, the Black Panther and as she devoured his body she would keep his essence with her forever. 


“You are mine,” she whispered into his chest and then rose from her pleasure bed.


~ 0 ~


Harry wiped Lee's brow again, his parted shirt was drenched in sweat but the fever was down to 101 degrees.


“I think you're going to be alright, Lee,” he said mostly to himself.


Lee groaned for the aches the fever produced, barely aware of the cramps he had endured as the poison worked through his system.


His eyes fluttered open as he tiredly gazed at Harry, barely lucid.




“It's alright Lee...”


“No... she's coming!” he said and then dove back into the darkness as Tiago stood in the door.


“Night is falling, she has found him pleasurable.  She will come to claim him,” he predicted as Harry stood with pursed lips.


“Over my dead body,” he said determinedly.


“I will stand with you,” Tiago promised.  “We must be ready.”


Harry nodded as he left Lee's side to prepare.


~ 0 ~


Rainha stalked the jungle, reveling in the power of her strides, her long black tail swaying back and forth as a cat on the prowl.  She hunched at the edge of the clearing; she could smell her man, his scent as inviting in this form as her human form.  She hissed quietly at the fires the Watcher made surrounding the tent.  Perhaps it would keep a natural jungle cat away but she was Rainha, The Jungle Queen... nonetheless, though she understood fire she was still affected by it in this form.  She growled once again and trilled her displeasure then stalked back and forth across the clearing's edge as the Watcher emerged from the tent with his rifle in arm; it was the auburn haired one.  She had noticed the strong lines of his facial expressions, his surety as he walked, his confidence and his physique.  She was sure he would have been pleasurable as well, but her powers were not strong enough to keep two men at one time, though she often fantasized of the pleasure of being taken by two men at once.


“You can't have him,” the Watcher announced.  “I don't know what you are, but this one doesn't belong to you,” he finished.


Rainha growled menacingly, her sharp teeth glistening in the light of the fires between her and her intended prey.  The Auburn One intrigued her, he wasn't like the others.  He knew things, understood things.  She missed that kind of intellect as she changed her form in the place where the panther once stood.  She wore a black form fitting outfit made of leather.  The skirt barely covered her hips, while the neckline plunged all the way to her waist, leaving a great deal breast exposed.


“You are his Watcher?” She asked.


Harry understood her meaning, even though it was the first time he had heard the term.


“I am.  And who are you?” He asked pointedly as she walked closer, sauntering between the fires with ease.


Rainha, The Jungle Queen.  The natives think I'm a deity...”


“But you're not,” Harry interrupted as she laughed.


“No,” she said reining in her laughter.  “I am a visitor from another dimension and another planet.  Several hundred years ago I traveled here and was introduced to the pleasures of human copulation, but my lover could not sustain my desires so I looked for others.  I take what I want and enjoy the men until they fade away... and then I take another.  It is my right as the higher species,” she finished.


“Higher species...” Harry repeated in disgust.  “So you use the men for your pleasure even though you know you're sucking life from them, regardless of whether they want your attention?”


“I grow tired of your morals Auburn One.  I am here to claim his physical body.”


“But you can't, can you?  You have rules you have to abide by, don't you?” Harry surmised.


“I abide by no one's rules but my own,” she said.


“You called me a Watcher... that means something,” Harry said, thinking through the problem like a puzzle. 


“You are not family,” she declared.


“But he is like my son,” Harry stated unashamedly, “and you cannot snatch someone away from others who love him, can you?  Isn't that why you take your victims as a panther while they are alone in the jungle, and why you can't keep every man you want?”


“Take cares, Watcher.  You may not have everything figured out.  I could leave him and take you instead,” she threatened.


“But you won't because he,” Harry said tilting his head toward the tent where Lee lay, “won't let you,” he finished.


Rainha transformed back into a panther and growled but Harry stood his ground between Lee and the cat.  She transformed back, her displeasure made known.


“I have not had one like this in a very long time,” she purred darkly.  “I may break the rules and kill you for him,” she threatened.


“But if you do others from your dimension may take notice.  Someone holds you in check,” Harry surmised, “and you fear that Someone.”


Rainha raised her hands as the air around them turned noticeably cold, then a fierce wind picked up adding a wind chill as leaves and dust blew by sideways.


“He is still weak, and if he succumbs I will have him anyway, Watcher.  And then you will know that you have lost,” she said backing out.  She cleared the fires and leapt into the jungle transforming into a cat in midair.


Tiago emerged from the tent with his rifle.  He was Lee's last defense, though not as strong as Harry for though there was compassion, there were no family ties.


Harry cursed her evil as she plotted viciously to derail Lee's recovery.


“Stand guard Tiago.  I'll watch over him,” he said applying a grateful hand to the guide's shoulder for standing by them.


He returned to the tent to find Lee shivering as Harry fetched another blanket.


“Keep fighting Lee, keep fighting Son,” he said and lowered his head wearily.


~ 0 ~


Lee woke finding himself back in the cell, sitting up as the residual effects of the drug finally wore off.  He rubbed his temple and noticed the white orchid on the pillow beside him.  His anger burned at how Rainha had manipulated him once again.  He had fallen into her plans and given her everything she wanted and more.  He picked up the flower, it wasn't a gift or a thank you but a gloating:  round two and she had won.  Angrily he crushed the flower in his hands and threw it into the bars where it disintegrated into flames.


He headed to the shower, but he knew no amount of soaking would be able to wash away the dirt this time.


~ 0 ~


Lee emerged from the shower with a clearer head.  He had to find a way to survive here.  He was man and not immune to the seduction of a beautiful woman, but he loathed this woman.  He hated her for her evil, the way she used him, and the lack of any regret for her actions.  He could never care for her and the idea of being her play thing disgusted him.  He was far from defeated and was sure that if he looked for an opening, there would be some way to make it home.  He would look for that opportunity and in the meantime he would survive.  He'd suffered worse physically in his career at ONI and even on board Seaview, he'd get through the humiliation and move on.  He promised himself that when he returned home he wouldn't let this rule over him.  So he'd had sex with a nymphomaniac, he pondered, There were worse things in life. 


He determined that he was going to stay in control.  If that meant giving her sex at her every whim, then so be it.  No more drugs turning him into her mad sexual counterpart.  He thought it was the right course of action and nodded to himself in silent agreement.


He was wearing another set of clothes provided for him, much like the other set.  Only this time she had provided skivvies.  Alright, maybe not skivvies.  They were bikini and pouched to hold his privates in high regard, though it didn't rise high enough on his hips to keep him completely covered. 


Oh well, he thought, A sex toy can't be choosy.  He wasn't giving in, just dealing with his life at present.  He paced his cell for a few minutes until the orange glowing bars faded and he took his cue that she wanted him.  He didn't want a replay of earlier and obeyed her summons, but the fire in his eyes wasn't gone nor had she sucked it from his spirit.  He'd fight until there was nothing left and find a way home somehow, he vowed.


He found Rainha on her chaise lounge wearing only a robe that was left untied and parted, exposing her body in full view.


“I am hungry for you,” she stated rather bluntly as she sat up.  “Now how shall it be?” she asked walking toward him seductively.  “Shall I take you like I did in the jungle?” She smiled at the thought of his helplessness, paralyzed as she did with him what she willed.  “Or shall I give you more wine?” She taunted.  “Or perhaps you will come to me on your own free will?” She whispered, now standing directly in front of him, but she saw the fire still visible in his eyes and turned her back on him, her buttocks visible through her transparent garment.  “Perhaps the wine,” she reconsidered as Lee walked forward placing both hands on her shoulders and nuzzling up to her ear.


“That won't necessary,” he whispered in a hot breath in her ear, sending a shiver down her back.  “I'll be good... I promise,” he said as he slid the robe off and kissed her bare shoulder.


She breathed in and exhaled her pleasure as he reached around and tenderly took her breasts in his hands, caressing and massaging in gentle care as he kissed the nape of her neck and nibbled on her ear.  He slid one hand down her stomach and reached for her special place rubbing slowly and deliberately as she quivered in his touch.


A vulnerable moan escaped, one she wasn't used to expressing as he turned her by the shoulders and cupped her face in his hands kissing gently yet deeply; probing her mouth with his tongue slowly as his hands again moved against her body.


She looked into his eyes and started to protest, but was lost in the ecstasy of being taken so erotically, so... romantically.  She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders letting it slide down his arms slowly as she kissed his chest and reached for his pants, sliding them off his hips to reveal the briefs she had left for him.  His manhood was hard and extended past the briefs exciting her senses as she kissed him deeply while massaging his firm virility.


He took her by the hand and led her seductively to the bed as she followed like a young virgin freely giving the flower of her maidenhood to her lover.  He lowered her to the bed, kissing her gently and then increased his intensity as the erotic moment gained momentum.  He gave attention to her breast again but knew he would have to satisfy her completely to avoid the consequences.  He couldn't hold back, if he didn't perform, didn't live up to her expectation he might end up a sex maniac again under the aphrodisiac so he lowered himself to her pleasure spot as she fondled his hair under her hands.


Her climax was strong as she screamed in airy breaths as he shrugged out of his briefs and entered her.  He pumped slowly at first, gaining speed using long strokes as she grabbed the sheets and pulled, his shaft producing ecstasy to her already sensitive womanhood.  He stroked harder until she began to scream.


“Yes!  Yes!” She encouraged as Lee pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach entering her sweet spot from behind; his manhood probing deeper in this position and more sensitive than on her back as she continued to scream. 


He leaned down as he stroked and whispered in her ear, “Is this what you wanted from me, Rainha?” He asked as he stroked long and hard, deep enough to touch her cervix wall.


“Yes!” She breathed out in ecstasy whispers.


“Do you want cum again, Rainha?” He asked almost darkly.


“Yes, Yes!” She screamed as he rose on his strong arms and thrusted hard and deep until she climaxed beneath him.


He managed to hold out a bit more then reached his climax as she groaned in unison with him.  He stayed inside her as he breathed heavily and then pulled out and walked away collecting his clothes.


“You're going back home you know, your Watcher... the Auburn One made sure of it,” she stated with hatred for Harry's interference, as Lee froze in his tracks with his back still towards her.  “But always remember... you gave yourself to me freely,” she taunted.  “You will always be mine,” she finished trying to lay more humiliation at his feet as Lee turned toward her.


“You may have had my body, but you never had my heart,” he said, “...or my mind,” he finished and disappeared into his cell as the orange bars glowed, her last reminder that he was still her prisoner even for the short time he had left.


~ 0 ~


Lee's thrashing slowed as his sweat drenched body's fever finally broke.  His eyes fluttered opened as he spotted Harry asleep sitting straight up.




“Lee!”  Harry greeted in relief.  “Welcome back Lad,” he said with emotion.


Lee looked around the tent and realized he was back, he was no longer separated in two places, his body here his essence with her.


“It's good to be back,” he said wearily.  “I don't even know if it was real...” he started and then faded off, not wanting to relive Rainha's grasp.


“It was real,” Harry said, “but it doesn't matter.  What matters is you're back.”


“Thank you Sir.  She said you brought me back... I'd like to how...” he trailed off drifting into a natural sleep.


Harry smoothed the hair back from Lee's forehead, “Someday Lad... I'll tell you someday.”


Somewhere in Lee's sleep he heard Harry's words as a faint smile crossed his face and then faded as his sleep deepened.


~ 0 ~


Lee was back aboard Seaview and though he was still weak he had talked Jamie into Limited Duty, though he suspected it was Harry's influence that had been the deciding factor.  It was good to be home, but he needed to be at the Con, in control of his own destiny again.  Today Seaview would be leaving these waters, and he was determined to leave Rainha behind with it.  


He stood in the head looking in the mirror and straightened his tie.  He smiled contently and exited the cabin stopping in his tracks at the white orchid lying on the pillow of his bed; a parting “gift” from Rainha.  He picked up the flower and took it to the head, flushing it down the toilet with no fanfare or show of emotion, then squared his shoulders and left his cabin.  He was the Captain of the Seaview, and she would never again hold any power over him. 


He entered the Control Room spotting Harry in the Nose and Chip at the Chart Table.


“Report Mr. Morton.”


“Green across the board and ready to answer bells, Skipper.”


“Very well, all ahead full,” Captain Lee Crane ordered as Seaview took her Master and Commander out to fairer seas.



~ Fini ~

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