Hi Mom,

Well, here I am, safe and sound after being released from Halifax Medical Center. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d be felled by a beach ball.

It was a volleyball game I had no part of. Suddenly, zonk! Right on the noggin. That would have been okay. But it caused me to loose my footing on the sand, and I went head over heels smack into the front bumper of Agent Catfish’s car. (You can drive and park on Daytona Beach)

Well, Kowalski insisted I go to the ER, though I tried to tell him I was fine. For some reason, nobody believed me.

Suffice it to say, I’m grounded. No swimming! Here we are offshore the world’s most famous beach and I can’t enjoy it! Well, okay, I can sit in a beach chair and watch the waves and the puffy clouds that are promising to become full blown thunderstorms later this afternoon.

They’re telling me it’s time to go to Cat’s house and ‘rest’ until Harry and Chip (if they ever get back from the beach) order some kind of take out for dinner.

She’s making a chocolate cake with mocha frosting for desert. Maybe I can get into her good graces and help lick the bowl.

All for now…using that new pen you ordered. Goes great with my banana yellow wetsuit.

All my love,