Hi Edith,

Just a note to tell you I’m having a wonderful time visiting Agent Catfish in Daytona, with the exception of Lee getting hurt.

Would you believe that the culprit was, of all things, a beach ball! He lost his balance when it came out of nowhere, actually some kids playing with it, and it hit his head. Whap! He lost his footing on the sand and fell right onto Catfish’s car’s bumper.

 Lee was livid that we forced him to go to the Emergency Room, but he couldn’t fool me. I was sure he had a concussion and told him so. Later, his medical bill proved it! Chip’s going to keep a copy of it for Doc to bring out every time Lee says he’s fine. Ha ha.

The sky is getting stormy so Chip and I are headed over to Catfish’s house with some pizza. I promised the men aboard Seaview that we’ll be returning with more for them later tonight. Catfish is making dessert and Chip’s telling me to hurry up or Lee will have scarfed it all down!

I’m using one of Mrs. Crane’s embossed pens she sent us as a present. Mine’s blue. Lee’s is yellow to match his yellow wetsuit. He didn’t dare tell her how much he doesn’t really like yellow.

Take care sweetie.

Your big and sunburnt brother Harry.