Philippa Timms



As I walk through the door

From a hard days work

I'm asked a simple question.


Guess what I ask?

Guess who's coming to dinner?


For a split second

My mind contemplates

Just who it could be...

Some one connected with the Seaview?

I dream.....


Could it be Admiral Harriman Nelson?

Captain Lee Crane?

I have such high hopes!

I panic for a split second

Just what would I serve?

For guests such as these

Who was coming to dinner?


If it was Admiral Nelson

Should I include a fish dish?

Could turn out I was serving up an old friend

Was it Captain Lee Crane?


Should it be a short meal?

In case he's called back to his first love


I may wish him to stay longer

However I never win over his love for Seaview

German foods definitely out

Or I could be inviting another sub Captain to my table!

Was it Seaman Riley?


Californian food?

Sea, sand, surf

A moonlit sky

A surfer's dictionary

So at least I'll know

Just what he's on about man!


I've heard about Seaman Kowalski

Let's just scrap the dinner

Give him a cold shower

Or me if I don't go back

To reality...


I was asked

I love guessing

But then of course

It's back to reality...

And I was dreaming so much

I missed the answer

To that question


Just who is coming to dinner?


I wonder did I hear the name

Chip Morton?