C (Continued)

Crane, Lee B.

(US Navy; US Navy Reserve; Nelson Institute of Marine Research)

Commander Crane's distinguished career includes several more 'at sea' assignments than appear in the Gallery. These portraits are but a glimpse into the progressive career of one USNA's more notable graduates.

Some of Commander Crane's service decorations include but are not limited to, the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, and more than 7 Presidential Unit individual and unit citations.

But the crowning achievement to date is the Captaincy of the SSRN Seaview (Nelson Institute of Marine Research) which has seen service even the Navy has had no equal to.

Officer uniforms aboard the SSRN Seaview are only slightly different from the Navy's, with the exception that these submariners don't wear the traditional navy blue 'poop suits'. And dress whites, rarely seen at NIMR are reserved for only the most special of occasions. This uniform is augmented with specially approved insignia, Seaview's 'dolphins' taking priority over the Naval insignia.

Note, however, when wearing this uniform, the Commander's Naval Academy ring replaces his favorite black onyx (a private talisman he's hardly ever without) to honor his alma mater.

*The USNA Museum here is ficticious, as well as the SSN Sirius, Ariel, Limpett, Haliburton * (see the Secret Agent Man series) Verne, and Annaleigh.

(*Do not confuse with a real ship by the name of Halyburton FFG-40)