Commemorative (unofficial)Certificates or 'Firsts' that have been presented to the Officers, Crew, and friends of SSRN Seaview.

Blue Nose aka Northern Domain of the Polar Bear

Crossing the Arctic Circle 66-32 N. Latitude

*Frostbitten* for our purposes denotes a special Blue Nose for crossing under the ice as well.

By series end, certainly all hands earned their initiation certificate! Seaview might as well have a mail box at the North Pole. Maybe Santa will grant Captain Crane's wish for a new paint job for Seaview. Corvette Red, of course!.

* Caterpillar Club

Unscheduled parachute jump from a disabled aircraft.

Crane certainly qualifies for this, jumping from the disabled Flying Sub. Killers of the Deep. Nelson was going to jump after him, but ended up trying to get the controls back. In spite of his valiant effort, he ended up in the drink himself. Speaking of drinks, bet they both had a little libation after safely back aboard Seaview some time later. Much later as Crane had been captive aboard an enemy sub and Nelson had had to ram it with a destroyer. Is there nothing that man can't do?

* Deep Dive Diploma/Certificate

First Dives/Last Dives/Special Dives

While our guys are too experienced for the normal 'first' of a Deep Dive Certificate, they do qualify for certain other Special Deep Dives what with Braddock's atmosphere-Man Beast, and various denizens of the deep sending them to non plumed depths.

For Voyage fans, well, we all qualify as we certainly enjoyed our initiation to Deep Dives with Seaview!

* Golden Dragon

Crossing the Int'l. Dateline (180th Meridian)

"Gee, Lee, why is yesterday tomorrow in the Control Room, today only in the Reactor Room, and tomorrow yesterday in Sick Bay? Ah, well that explains it." Not really, probably depends on just where the dateline crosses the sub.

* Mossback

Going around the Horn

No doubt Seaview did so now and then.

* Oder of Magellan

Circumnavigating the globe

Well, we've all done this thanks to Seaview. No wonder I aced Geography! Being an Air Force 'brat' had nothing to do with it.

Order of the Ditch

Going through the Panama Canal

No doubt Nelson saved time betwixt one ocean and the next using the Panama Canal when cruisng under the Arctic ice cap wasn't convenient.

* Order of the Rock

Crusing through the Straits of Gibraltar

Definitely Crane had already 'sailed these waters before' before Seaview's quest to destroy the City Beneath the Sea.

Persian Excursion

Sailing the Persian Gulf

Shouts of Long Live the King still echo along the shore as Seaview heads home after returning the boy king to his homeland in his unamed Near East country.

Plank Owner

Service aboard a vessel from her commissioning.

In a great deal of fan fiction, Lt. Cmdr. Morton is cited as a plank owner, but never referred to as such in the aired series. Nelson, however, may certainly be termed a plank owner without hesitation as he designed, built (well, he is a hands on kind of Admiral though I'm sure he used a professional contractor such as the Electric Boat Company at times) and owned her. Very doubtful he missed the commissioning ceremony either.

For Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fans, a Plank Owner is anyone who enjoyed the original airing of the series between 1964-1968.

Knarled Plank Owner

"Knarled' coined here by Seaview Stories for anyone who enjoyed the original 1961 screening of the film version Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

Realm of the Czars

Sailing the Black Sea

While Seaview is in the Black Sea for Nelson's covert action, Crane has to rescue or stop the Time Bomb that Nelson's become unawares.

Red Nose aka Frozen Stiff or Royal Domain of the Emperor Penguin

Crossing the Antarctic Circle 66-32 S. Latitude

There's a mailbox down here for our intrepid sub and crew too!

Royal Order of Whale Bangers

Accidentally firing at a whale while mistaking it for a submarine.

Yes there is such a certificate, but our boys aboard Seaview don't qualify. For any whales that have been fired upon, it's been strictly on purpose! Ghost of Moby Dick, Jonah and the Whale,etc. Need I go on?

Safari to Suez

Traversing the Suez Canal

Well, they had to get to The Magnus Beam somehow. And to return a none too cooperative Mummy to his Mommy in Cairo.

Sea Squatter

Taking to the water and spending more than 24 hours on a life raft.

Admiral Nelson qualifies for this twice, once in Mutiny, again in The Exile if you can count on air filled wetsuits contrived as a life raft. Works for me!


Crossing the Equator aka Crossing the Line

Golden=crossing at the Int'l Dateline

Emerald=crossing at the Greenwich Meridian

We see one of these ceremonies in Doomsday though no doubt they experienced other such crossings.

Spanish Main

Sailing the Caribbean

Who can deliver Seaview from the numerous haunting and ghosties and goulies that she's experienced? Certainly not Blackbeard seeking a little Revenge.

While certainly there are other companies which draft, design and emboss many such unofficial documents, Tiffany Publishing is currently the most popular and offers most of these mentioned.

While blank certificates are available, I purchased these complete with the embossing of names, rank, or in most cases yours truly, in order to present them for your enjoyment online.

I also made sure to purchase the 'modestly clad' mermaid versions instead of the 'au natural'sirens, the latter which are, in my humble opinion, better from an artistic point of view, but which might cause a raised eyebrow or two from some quarters.

Dr. Fred Wilson-'Frostbitten' Blue Nose Certificate

Lt. Frank O'Brien-'Frostbitten' Blue Nose Cerfificate

Cmdr. Lee Crane- Caterpillar Club pin

Unofficial* Deep Dive Certificate *See the discrepancy in that 'black fish' is used instead of the requested 'blue fish'. Oh well, mistakes happen.

Unofficial* Order of Magellan Certificate

Unofficial* Order of the Rock Certificate

Unofficial* Persian Excursian Certificate

VTTBOTS Plank Owner Certificate* presented to R. L. Keller for her continued encouragement and support of Seaview Stories. Shown here with permission.

Unofficial* Realm of the Czars Certificate

Admiral Harriman Nelson- Red Nose Certificate

Lt. Cmdr. Chip Morton- Red Nose Certificate

Lt. Cmdr. Will Jamison- Red Nose Certificate

Unofficial* Safari to Suez Certificate

Unofficial* Shellback Certificate

Unofficial* Order of the Spanish Main Certificate