You Know You Are A Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea Fan When…Part II


By Lou Ann Steele

  1. You wear a parka for a winter coat every year.
  2. You want stand up card board posters of the Seaview Crew standing around your house.
  3. You want a german U boat model to go with your Seaview model to make it look more realistic.
  4. Living next to Dr. Crane’s Office and wonder if he is related .
  5. Being at Walt Disney World and hearing someone yell "There’s Chip!" only to turn around and find a large chipmunk.
  6. Wanting to watch the old televison show "THE LIFE OF RILEY" because you think it is an biography about Stu.
  7. Looking at submarines and getting disappointed that none have windows at the nose.
  8. Wanting to be a female Lt. aboard a nuclear submarine and told the Navy does not allow women on warships. Then start wondering what they consider female nurses who work on war ships?
  9. While standing on a street corner in the snow, waiting for a bus and wearing a parka, your imagination has you being picked up by a snow tractor instead and taken to the Seaview .
  10. Being disappointed that Disney World no longer has the 20 THOUSAND LEAGUES BENEATH THE SEA ride.
  11. Hearing someone yell, "Hey Patterson!" and you immediately turn to look for Paul Trinka.
  12. Wanting to learn scuba diving.
  13. Wanting a sonar screen on your web page or screen saver. .
  14. Being at a pool and hearing someone yell "Dive!" and get excited until you discover that someone was giving swimming lessons and not commanding a submarine.
  15. Wanting to put flurescence paint on Captain Krueger’s photo so you can have your own personal ghost at home. .
  16. Trying to find 12" male dolls who resemble the actors on the show.
  17. Going to the NIMR website and being disappointed that NIMR is fictional.
  18. Wanting to have a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea convention in a submarine.
  19. Watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea on the televison and not wanting to get up and leave the house for work even though you are watching a VCR tape.
  20. Wanting your bedroom to resemble Admiral Nelson’s Quarters.