Inter-service memo

From: Ace Johnson

To:Harry Nelson


Dear Harry,

What the devil's going on??? Just how many flying subs do you go through??? NO explanations, just "issue another license' for a new craft from you.

Either you have a pretty hefty fleet of your blasted flying tubs or your pilots leave a lot to be desired.

Will you please tell me what's going on? I realize you've always been a bit tight lipped about your little inventions and escapades but if you keep loosing your flying subs, and Starke told me you've gone through a bundle, the FAA just might refuse to issue any further licenses and document the flying sub design as a hazard.

I'll be in Santa Barbara next week, and don't give me any double talk about it not being convenient because you have to save the world for humanity again.

By the way, Jiggs also told me that Crane does most of the piloting. I want to see him too. And he'd better be there, shore leave or not.

I suppose I'm rather bossy, but Harry, please, you're giving me an ulcer!