Dearest Zeb,


There will be no divorce. Iíll grit my teeth and bear being the wife of that bastard.


I know I can trust you to keep his dread secret, and I know Iíll take it to my grave. But itís so hard. Everyone calling him a pillar of the community, all of that, when he knows whatís heís doing is most foul.†† If I had but known before I married him, the vows would never have taken place.


Youíre the only other person who knows. If his mother found out frankly I doubt it would phase her, but my children would be horrified to learn their father is a slave trader.So many souls, so many ruined lives, all due to him.


If I didnít have to think of the children, Iíd marry you in an instant. The love I bear you does not depend on any physical intimacy.


I can only hope you may find consolation in that while I am married to Shaemus, I love only you.


Yours til the moon no longer shines,