And Now For Something Really Special

This is David's flying remote controlled flying sub (FS 1 hull made by Rick Teskey) in his son's swimming pool. All I can say is "Wow!"

Flying Sub model in action use Windows Media to play clip

The Workshop

It all begins here.

Molding the figures and control room accessories.


The heart of the matter-the remote control unit.

Setting the stage.

David Merriman's Remote Controlled Seaview and Flying Sub

I think you'll agree with me that these are the ultimate in Seaview and Flying Sub models.

Both dive and surface and Seaview has working interior and exterior lights.

"Dive! Dive!"

57 inch DeBoer Hulls Kit, modified and made oeprational via radio control by David, by scratch-building a new sail, control surfaces, and Observation Compartment Interior. The special Remote Control features were developed by David himself, other than commerical electronic units.


"Evasive Action!"***"Whew, that was close!"

So, how does he do it?

A glimpse of the incredibly detailed workmanship for the remote controlled model.


Truly a labor of love, building time took about 18 months.

Ten years ago David was asked to re-furbish this 17 foot Special Effects Miniature Seaview originally built by 20th Century Fox for the film version of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.


A Neighborhood child with the model.

David Merriman has his own business at David Merriman's R.C. Subs

Many thanks to David for sharing his work and hobby with us. You may email any comments or questions to David Merriman