Dangerous Plans

By JSRobertson



The men had been watching the couple for a week now using the pictures they were given. The Crane’s didn’t go out too often. But when they did, it was for dinner, shopping or even just for a drive. They were always together. The men had to get Mrs. Crane alone. The opportunity happened by accident.


One night as they followed them into a small cafe where they had dinner, they sat down next to their table and heard them talking.


“When we get home, let’s go for a walk.  It’s a beautiful night and I feel like a walk on the beach,” she told him.


“Fine with me,” he answered giving her hand a gentle squeeze.


They left the restaurant and drove home.  They followed them as far as they could.  Their only problem was the whole institute was fenced in.  On the south end was land but no way to access it as the water came up to the fence but they were close enough to the beach to see if they walked there.  The north end bordered on some government land.  They would watch that end first.




Wanda, Angie, and Janet were getting ready to leave for the day.  Lee, Chip and the admiral were in a meeting that would take another couple of hours. They were meeting about the number of proposals NIMR had received.  He wanted Lee and Chip to help him decide which ones they should take or reject.  Lee noticed the time and knew Janet would have no way home.


Since they were still in a meeting Angie made them a fresh pot of coffee and left it in the admiral’s office before she left for the day.


“Chip, are you going right home after the meeting today?” Lee asked during a short break pouring another cup of coffee.


“No sorry Lee.  I have a ton of errands to run including picking up our cleaning.”  Lee and Chip took turns dropping off and picking up the cleaning which was mostly their uniforms.


“Sorry Lee I can’t take you either,” the admiral volunteered, “I have an appointment as soon as this meeting is over.”


“Okay. I’ll let Janet take the car and walk home. Just let me tell her,” he told them as he left the admiral’s office.


He walked to her office just as she was getting ready to leave.  She turned off her computer and got up when she saw her husband come in. She checked to see if anyone was looking, pulled on his tie so his lips met hers and gave him a long deep kiss.


“What can I do for you?” she asked seductively not realizing he was still in the meeting.


“Well, what I would like to do and can do are not possible right now,” he replied softly after returning her kiss.  “I’m still going to be here for a couple of hours. So take the car and I will walk home,” he told her as they walked out of her office. 


“Oops. Didn’t know you were still in the meeting. I can walk,” she told him, “If I walk now I won’t have to do it later.”


Angie heard them discussing how Janet was going to get home.


“Janet, I’ll take you home.  I have nothing planned for this evening and it’s not like you live that far from here.”


“Thanks, Angie,” Lee said as he went back to the admiral’s office.


“Did Janet get a ride home,” the admiral asked as Lee closed the door.


“Yes, Angie is going to take her home.”


Angie and Janet went down the elevator and out to Angie’s car.  She drove Janet to her house which was a couple of miles from the office; she and Lee lived in a house on institute property.


“It looks like it might rain,” Angie said noticing how dark and cloudy the sky looked. 


“Thanks Angie, I really appreciate the ride.  I might be able to get my walk in before it starts to rain.  See you tomorrow”


“Be careful on your walk,” Angie told her as she drove away.




Lee drove home from his meeting which took longer than he expected.  He unlocked the door and put his cover and coat in the closet.  He took off his tie, opened his shirt and pulled it out of his pants before he went upstairs to change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.   He didn’t see Janet downstairs so he figured she was upstairs.


“Janet,” he called as he walked to the kitchen to see if there was any dinner cooking.


He saw a note on the counter.


Honey, went for a walk.  Will be back in thirty minutes.  Will make dinner when I get home.  Love, Janet.


He smiled as he read the note, she always wrote the time on anything she gave him.  He had trained her well.  He noticed the note was written at 1830 it was now 1930.  She had been gone an hour. He was worried that she hadn’t returned from her walk.   It had starting raining on his way home.  He saw a blinding bolt of lightening, heard the large clap of thunder that followed and it was now pouring rain.  He knew she would never walk out in a storm.


He opened the patio door and took a quick look outside, he didn’t see her. He went outside walking past Chip’s house but he wasn’t home yet from his errands so she wouldn’t be there with him.


 He walked down to the walkover bridge that leads to the beach, crossed it and went down to the beach. Looking in both directions he still didn’t see her.  The ocean was rough and the waves were hitting the beach with great force.


“Janet, Janet,” he called getting more worried by the minute as he ran along the route she always walked when she was alone.


He ran the entire route which took him to the end of NIMR on the north near the admiral’s house and didn’t see her.  There was no place to stop for cover along the route.  She wouldn’t stop at the admiral’s house as there was no way to get up the bluff his house sat on.


“Where is she,” he thought.  He ran back to the walkover bridge and went back on the other side.  The sea oats were blowing all around the wind was so strong.  He looked down the dunes but didn’t see anyone.  His shirt was still open, he was drenched to the skin; his hair was a mass of curls and a frantic look was etched on his face. She had to be here somewhere


“Janet,” he called again.


He started walking on the dunes side and had walked about one hundred yards when he saw her lying between the rocks, long grass and sea oats. 


“Sweetie,” he said as he got close to her but got no answer.  Kneeling down next to her, he could see she had some bruises on her face, a large bump on the side of her head and she was unconscious.


He picked her up and carried her as far as Chip’s house.  He saw a light on and knocked on the door.


Opening the door, Chip saw a drenched Lee holding equally drenched Janet standing at his door.


“Lee what the hell happened?” he asked as he helped Lee put her on the couch then ran to the bathroom to get a couple of towels.


 Lee carefully dried Janet off and then himself.


“All I know is she went for a walk and wasn’t back when I got home. I went looking for her and found her on the dune side of the beach.  She never walks there.”


“Janet,” Lee said again as he could see she was coming around.


“Lee,” she replied groggily, “What happen?”


She closed her eyes and passed out again.


“Chip, help me get her to Med Bay.  Someone will be there.”


“Sure,” he answered grabbing his car keys and helped Lee put her in the back seat.


Chip hopped in the front seat while Lee sat in the back seat with Janet.  She still hadn’t come around.


Chip helped Lee get Janet out of the car and he carried her into Med Bay.  Jamie was just leaving for the night when he saw them come in.  Dropping his umbrella and briefcase he ran over to them.


Turning on the light in the first examination room Jamie asked, “What happen?”


Lee gently laid her on the gurney as Jamie started to examine her.


“I don’t know,” Lee replied out of breath.  “I found her on the dunes unconscious.  I took her to Chip’s house.  She came to for about a minute and hasn’t woken up since.”


“What was she doing out on a night like this?”


“She left a note earlier saying she was going for a walk.  By the time I got home she had been gone an hour.  She never walks that long so I went to look for her.”


While Jamie was examining Janet, she woke up.


“Jamie...What happened...Where’s Lee?” she asked looking very frightened.


“You’re in Med Bay.  Lee brought you here he found you on the dunes unconscious,” Jamie answered softly.


“Sweetie, I’m right here,” Lee said going over to her, and gently stroked her forehead.


Janet tried to sit up but realized that was a mistake as she was dizzy, nauseated and had a headache.


“I’m going to be sick,” she told them.


Jamie grabbed the wastebasket as Janet vomited into it.  Lee grabbed a tissue from the box and gently wiped off her mouth as she laid back down on the gurney and closed her eyes.


“Please stop the room from spinning,” she said quietly.


“Looks like she might have a concussion but I’ll take a CT scan to make sure.”


“Before we do anything, why don’t you help her get out of her wet clothes?” Jamie suggested as he went to the cabinet and gave him a pair of scrubs for her as he could see she was starting to shiver.


Jamie and Chip left the room while Lee helped Janet change very slowly.  He had to stop a couple of times because she was afraid she was going to get sick again.


While Lee help Janet change into the scrubs, Chip called security.


“Security,” Hank Rivers, the head of security, answered.


“Hi Hank, its Chip Morton.  Janet Crane was attacked while on a walk on the beach tonight.  Could you check and find out where they got in and let me know?”

“I’m sorry to hear that Chip.  I’ll get crews out and check the whole perimeter right now.”


“Thanks Hank.”


After hanging up with Hank, Chip called the admiral but got no answer. His cell phone went right to voice mail and he didn’t want to leave him a message.   He would try again later.


“Okay Jamie, Chip you can come back in,” Lee told them as Janet laid on the gurney with her eyes closed.


“Let’s get the CT scan. Then I’ll check the bruises on her face and see if she has anymore,” Jamie told Lee.


“Chip will you stay with her while I talk to Lee?” Jamie continued while he motioned Lee to follow him out to the hall.


“No problem,” he replied as he went over to Janet and gave her hand a squeeze.  She opened one eye and smiled at him afraid if she opened both of them the room would start spinning again.


Chip looked at Jamie and didn’t like the concerned look on his face.  Something else was bothering him. 


Out in the hall Lee looked at Jamie and he too didn’t like to the look on his face.


“Jamie what’s wrong?”


“Lee,” Jamie said quietly, “I should check to see if she was assaulted.”


“Shit,” Lee replied running his hand through his hair, “that thought never occurred to me. Can we ask her first?”


“Okay but if she was knocked out; she might not know.”


Jamie and Lee walked back into the examination room.  Lee went over to Janet and took her hand in his and gave her a kiss.


“Sweetie I need to ask you a question,” Lee said tenderly.  “Were you assaulted?”


“No, Lee no,” she cried tears forming in her eyes.


“You were unconscious when I found you.  It could have happened while you were out.”


“After he hit me, I was walking back to our house.  He had already left.  It was raining so hard I couldn’t see and tripped over some roots I didn’t see in the sand, fell and hit my head.”


“Sweetheart, you better start at the beginning.  Who hit you?”


“Before we get into finding out what happen, let me get a CT scan and take care of her bruises. Then she can tell us what happened.”


“Okay, Jamie,” Lee said as Jamie took Janet for the CT scan. 


As he left the room, he opened the cabinet again and handed Lee a pair of scrubs.


“Please put these on before you catch pneumonia.”


“Yes, Jamie,” Lee replied as he went into the bathroom to change.  He took their wet clothes and put them in a plastic bag he found in a cabinet.


“We better call security and tell them to check around the perimeter to see where whoever hit Janet got in,” Lee told Chip as he came out of the bathroom.


“I’ve already called them.  They are going to check tonight.  It’s stopped raining and still light so they can look around.”


“Thanks Chip.”


With worried looks on their faces, Chip sat down while Lee paced back and forth waiting for Janet to come back.




The admiral had just gotten home and was in his living room when he saw flashing lights outside.  He knew it was security by the amber colored lights.  He headed out to check and see what the problem was.  He went over to the men by the fence.  He recognized one of them as Adam Edwards.


“Mr. Edwards what seems to be the problem?”


“Good evening admiral, someone got on the institute grounds and attacked Mrs. Crane earlier this evening. We’re trying to locate where they got in.”


“Do you know where Mrs. Crane is now,” the admiral asked worriedly.


“I believe she’s in Med Bay with Commander Crane and Mr. Morton.”


“Please let me know as soon as you find the breach.”


“Yes sir.”


The admiral hurried back to his house and called Lee’s phone.


“Crane,” Lee answered not looking at who was calling.


“Lee I just found out Janet was attacked tonight.  How is she...what happened...who did it?”


“I don’t have the answer to any of those questions right now.  Jamie is doing a CT scan.  When I found her she was unconscious.”


“I’ll be right there.”


“Yes sir.”


As the admiral was pulling out of his driveway, Edwards motioned him to stop and walked over to his car.


“Admiral we found the breach.  It’s on the north side not to far from your house.  That’s the most difficult side to patrol due to the fact there’s government land on the other side.  They cut a hole in the fence large enough for someone to crawl through. They somehow worked their way to the bottom of the bluff and onto the beach.  We’ve fixed the hole but we’re going to need to do something better.  This is the third time we’ve had a breach in that section.


“Thanks Adam.  I’ll get with Hank tomorrow and see if we can come up with a solution.”


“Good night sir.”


Edwards walked back to the truck as the admiral left for Med Bay.




Jamie brought Janet back to the room after the CT scan and checked out the bruises on her face. He went to the supply cabinet, grabbed an ice pack, broke the cool component inside and gave it to her to hold on her eye and face.


“She has a slight concussion. The bruises are from being slapped around and she will probably have a black eye.”


As Jamie was telling them about Janet’s injuries the admiral walked in and went over to Janet.


“Are you okay?”


“Yes sir I’m fine.”  This got her a serious look from the admiral.


“Lee, what happened?”


“Admiral, I don’t know I was just going to ask her.  Sweetie, can you tell us what happened?”


“I got home from work and I knew you were going to be late so I decided to go for a walk.  It looked like rain but I figured I could get back before it started.  I walked all the way to the admiral’s house and was almost home when someone grabbed me from behind and dragged me to the dunes area away from the beach. I tried to push myself away, I was hitting him and struggling to get away but he was too strong for me.  He slapped me across the face and said maybe this will change the admiral’s mind regarding the reactor plans as he hit me in the face.  I tried to run away but he grabbed my arm and hit me again.  He shoved me down in the sand dune and ran towards to the admiral’s house.  By this time it was pouring rain and I was having a hard time seeing where I was going and didn’t see the roots.  I tripped and fell hitting the side of my head on a rock.  I must have been knocked out.”


“Sweetie did you see who the man was?”


“He had a mask on but Lee, he was huge.  I tried to use SING* the self-defense course taught us, but when I tried to jam him in the chest I got his stomach, I stepped on his foot but the sand cushioned the stomp, I tried to hit him in the face but he was too tall for me to reach and when I tried to knee him in the groin I miss judged where it was.  He was at least fifty pounds heavier than you. 


“It’s alright,” he comforted her as she started to cry.


“We better call the SBPD and make a report,” the admiral said as he dialed the police department and asked for Aaron Thompson.


“Thompson. “


“Hi Aaron, its Admiral Nelson.  There’s been an attack on Janet Crane, can you come over?


“I’ll be there as soon as I can.  Where are you?”


“In Med Bay.  Thanks Aaron.”


“He’ll be here in a few minutes,” the admiral told them.




After listening to Janet’s story Lee had a few questions of his own.


“How did who ever attacked Janet know she would be out there walking at that time.  She doesn’t walk at the same time every day.  Sometimes she doesn’t even walk at all or goes the other direction.  Also, Admiral what did he mean maybe by hitting Janet it would change your mind on the reactor plans?”


“I received a letter via courier a week ago. A small country on the Arabian Sea wanted to buy the plans for the nuclear reactor we have on Seaview.  They were starting up a small fleet wanting to become a force along with the rest of the nations located in the Middle East.  I had no intentions of selling them the plans so I notified ONI.  They said they would look into it and let me know if I needed to do anything more.”


“Admiral, why didn’t you tell us about this?” Lee asked tersely.  “Has ONI gotten back to you?”


Sighing deeply and knowing Lee was furious he continued, “I didn’t think anything would come of it.  ONI never said anything more so I figured they had taken care of it but after what happened tonight, I will call Admiral Johnson first thing tomorrow morning.   I don’t have any clue as to how they found out Janet would be out walking today and at that time.  Maybe they just got lucky when they cut a hole in the fence and saw her walking there.”


There was knock on the door and Aaron Thompson walked in with another detective.


“Good evening gentlemen and Janet.  This is Detective Julie Bates.  She’ll be working with me on this case.”


“Julie, this is Admiral Nelson, Commander Lee Crane, Lt. Commander Chip Morton, Janet Crane, Lee’s wife and Dr Jamieson,” Aaron said pointing to them as he introduced them.


Shaking hands with them and noticing how handsome Lee and Chip were she replied, “Nice to meet all of you.” Wonder what the hiring requirements are here.  They sure are gorgeous.  Too bad the dark haired one is married but the blond isn’t too bad, she thought.


“Admiral you said Janet was attacked,” Aaron asked.


“Yes, but she better explain to you what happened.”


“You sure got slapped around,” Julie remarked noticing the bruises on Janet’s face as she took out her notepad, “Please tell us what happened.”


She repeated what she told Lee to the detectives.


“Did he say anything to you?” Aaron asked.


Looking at Lee and the admiral Janet replied as vaguely as possible, “Just that he was looking for something from the admiral.”


“Admiral, do you have any idea what he was looking for?” Aaron asked him after he saw Janet look over to Lee and the admiral.


Yes, I probably do but Aaron I can’t tell you.  It has to do with national security.”


“National security?” Julie questioned.


“Don’t worry about it for now, Julie,” Aaron told her.  She just looked at Aaron and said nothing more.


  Janet, can you describe the man?”


“Aaron, as I told Lee he was huge.  I want to say at least six foot five inches tall and must have weighed two hundred and thirty pounds.  I couldn’t see his face as he had a mask on.”


“How did he get on the beach?  This place is fenced in on three sides and has security guards patrolling the perimeter.”


“One of the security guards found a breach on the north side by my house.  That side borders on some government land so it can’t be cleared.  Someone could hide in there and never be seen.  They fixed the breach already but I’m going to meet tomorrow with Hank to see if we can come up with a better solution.


Julie asked the next question, “How did he know you would be walking that way tonight?”


“Detective Bates, I have no idea.  If you go south you can see if someone is walking on the beach but can’t access it because the water goes up to the fence but to the north the beach is wide open.  I usually walk that way when I’m alone as there are fewer obstacles.”


“Please call me Julie and have you noticed anyone following you recently?”


“No. I don’t leave the complex too much just to go shopping or for dinner.  Usually Lee is with me when I go out.”


“Lee have you noticed anyone following you?” Aaron asked, still suspicious of Lee and what else he does for a living.  He knows how to escape from danger too easily.


“No I haven’t but then we haven’t left the complex for a few days as we just got back from a mission.”


“Okay, we don’t have much to go on but the man’s size is something to check out.  There can’t be too many men that size in Santa Barbara.


“Janet if you think of any more details, please give me or Julie a call.”


“Thanks Aaron.  It was a pleasure to meet you Detective Bates,” the admiral said to them as Chip showed them out the door.


“Sorry admiral, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot but I didn’t know how much you wanted me to tell them,” Janet told him yawning.


“It’s alright.  I’m glad you didn’t say anything.  I’ll talk to Aaron.”


“Lee you better take Janet home,” Jamie told him.  “She needs to rest.”


As Lee, Chip and Janet left Med Bay; Lee was holding her around the waist as they walked out the door.


“Those two can sure find trouble anywhere,” Jamie remarked to the admiral.


“You know Jamie I was just thinking the same thing.  It seems to follow them everywhere.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” the admiral replied as they walked out together.




Aaron and Julie got into Aaron’s car.  She sat there for a few moments thinking about what Janet had said.


“Aaron, what’s the scoop on the ‘national security’ comment Admiral Nelson made.”


“NIMR is not only a research center it is also called upon to help the government on issues that come up regarding national security.  So whatever the man was looking for, the admiral is not a liberty to discuss right now.”


“Aaron, whatever they want must be pretty important to break into the institute and beat up Janet Crane.”


“Yes but I have a feeling we haven’t seen or heard the last of who ever did this,” he said as he put the car in drive and headed back to the station.




In a hotel room a few miles from NIMR, two men were going over what had taken place that night on the beach.


“You managed to get to her?”


“Yes, I cut a hole in the fence on the far north end.  The government land provided a great cover.  It’s pretty overgrown and the institute can’t do anything about it.  Lucky for us she chose to walk that way today.”


“You didn’t hurt her too bad did you?”


“No just roughed her up a bit.  She tried to fight me off but I was far too big for her to hurt me.”


“We’re not done yet.  It’ll teach them not to mess around with us.  The boss should be happy.  I’m going to give him a call and tell him what occurred.”




By the time Lee and Janet got home from Med Bay, Janet was exhausted and neither one of them hadn’t eaten dinner.


“Sweetie, let me make you something to eat,” Lee told her after he made sure she was comfortable on the couch.


“Not really hungry.  I still have a headache and I’m very nauseous.  If you’re hungry make something for yourself and I’ll just go to bed.”


“No, I’m not hungry either.  Come on we’ll go to bed,” he said helping her upstairs.


She managed to get ready for bed with no help but it took her awhile. She stopped a few times so she wouldn’t vomit again.  She finally climbed in bed as Lee set the alarm so he could wake her up every thirty minutes not that he would need one.  He wouldn’t sleep tonight.  He climbed in next to her and put his arm around her.  She snuggled close to him and fell asleep.  He laid there thinking about what the admiral had told him about the plans regarding the reactor and ONI.


After thirty minutes he woke Janet up, “Wake up sweetie.”


“Lee please just let me sleep.  My head hurts only a little and I’m still a little nauseous but I’m just very tired.”


“Okay,” he told her giving her a kiss.  He would make sure she was alright by rubbing her cheek.  She always moved when he did that.


He finally fell asleep about 0100 but woke up at 0500.  He got out of bed trying not to wake her.  She could sleep for a few more minutes but the minute he was out of bed she woke up.


“How are you feeling this morning?” Lee asked tenderly.


“Better. I still have a slight headache, not nauseous so far and I’m actually a little hungry,” she told him giving him a kiss.


She got up, went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  She had a very nice black eye.


Sighing, “How am I going to cover this up?”


“Sweetheart, don’t worry about it.  No one will notice,” he told her with a wry grin.


“Very funny,” she answered back as she turned on the shower.


They took a shower together but today it lasted just a little longer than normal.  When they were finally done, Lee and Janet got dressed for work.  Janet did the best she could to hide her eye with make up but you could still see it.


She went downstairs where Lee had already made coffee and toast for breakfast.


“Thank you for making breakfast this morning,” Janet told Lee giving him a kiss and hugging him a little longer than usual.


“You’re welcome,” he replied kissing and hugging her as he ran his hand down her back and continued to hold her close.


They ate breakfast, cleaned up and left for work.




The admiral and Chip were just getting to the office when Lee and Janet pulled up.  They waited for them so they could check on Janet.


“Nice eye,” Chip teased.


“Thanks.  Lee, I thought you said no one would notice,” Janet smiled weakly.


“Are you alright?” the admiral asked seriously.


“Yes sir just a slight headache.”


“I’ll call Jamie and have him check you out.”


“I’m fine sir.”


“Where have I heard that before,” he finally smiled at her.


They walked in the building and took the elevator up to their offices.  Angie and Wanda came in a little while later.


“Janet what happened to you?” Angie asked as Wanda came in the office and they were surprised to see her sporting a black eye.


“I was attacked while I was walking on the beach last night.”




“Why did you come into work today?”

”Too much work to do.  I might leave early today but I’ll see how I feel.  Jamie’s going to check on me this morning.  Let’s just get to work so I can forget about it.”


“Well if you need help, just let us know,” Wanda told her giving her a hug.




The three of them went to their offices as it would be a busy day for all of them.  Being the end of the month and a Friday, there were a lot of reports and files to finish up.




Jamie came over at 0900 to check Janet out.  He wasn’t happy she was at work today.  She needed to be home resting.


“I have a slight headache,” she told him before he could ask.


“You can take some acetaminophen but if that doesn’t help and your headache gets worse or you feel sick, please call me,” Jamie told her sternly.  “Please take it easy.”


“Yes Jamie,” she promised.


She stayed the whole day and got everything done before leaving for the weekend. 




While Jamie was checking out Janet, the admiral called Admiral Johnson at ONI to find out what was going on with the reactor plans.


“Johnson.  What can I do for you Harry?”


“Gerald did you ever find anything out about that country and why do they really want the plans for the nuclear reactor?”


“I’ve got two agents over there searching for information.  As soon as I have anything I will let you know.”


“Well it better be soon.  Janet Crane was attacked last night here at the institute because they haven’t gotten a response from me regarding the plans.”


“I’m sorry to hear that Harry.  The agents are having a hard time getting into the inner circle there.”


“I assume they asked me for the plans because no other country including the People’s Republic would sell them theirs?”


“Harry I can’t even answer that.  I’ll get back to you soon,” Johnson sighed.




Lee and Janet came home from work on Friday and sat down on the couch.  It had been a very long and tiring week. Janet still wasn’t feeling that great after what had taken place on Thursday night.


“Can we just stay home this weekend and do nothing,” she asked as she rested her head on his shoulder.


Flashing her that sunshine smile he said, “Yes we can.  You’re going to rest all weekend while I wait on you hand and foot.  Your wish is my command.”


“Really?  How about I command you to take me upstairs and we make....” she whispered in his ear the rest of it.


He grabbed her hand and led her upstairs to carry out her command.  They came down for dinner a couple of hours later.  He made her sit on the deck while he barbecued some chicken and made a salad.  They enjoyed their dinner and he even cleaned up when they were done.


“I’m going to have to come up with some more commands for the rest of weekend,” Janet told him with a wicked grin.


“I’m sure you’ll come up with a few good ones,” he replied taking her hand as they went into the house and up to bed.




The weekend flew by and everyone was back at work first thing Monday morning.  Since it was Angie’s birthday, they were going to Giovanni’s for lunch.  Lee, Janet, Angie and the admiral went in Lee’s car while Chip drove Wanda and Jamie. 


Once they left the institute, a car started to follow them but they didn’t notice.  There were two men in the car.


“Wonder where they’re going?” the larger man asked.


“Don’t know but we’ll follow them and see where they end up.  Maybe they’re going out for lunch.  We can have lunch and find out more about them.  We need to show the admiral we mean business.  We don’t want to rough up Mrs. Crane again so maybe we can find another victim at lunch.”


The group from the institute were met by Giovanni and shown to a table in the back where they always sat.    The two men waited a few minutes before going into the restaurant.  The place was quite busy and they had to sit toward the front of the restaurant rather than in the back near the group from the institute.


“Welcome gentlemen,” Giovanni said as he seated them, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you here before.”


“No this is our first visit.  We’re from Sacramento and just passing through on our way to San Diego.  A friend of ours recommended we stop here.”


“Enjoy your meal,” Giovanni told them as he went to seat some more patrons.


After Janet sat down she looked up and saw Giovanni seating two men.  She grabbed Lee’s hand and squeezed it as hard as she could.  She caught him by surprise.


“Sweetie, what’s wrong?  You almost broke my hand,” he told her shaking it.


“Sorry,” she said as she rubbed his hand, “see the man Giovanni is seating?  He’s huge and about the size of the man who attacked me.”


Lee looked at the man and had to agree with her he was huge, looking at her he replied, “Sweetie every huge man isn’t your attacker.  I’ll check with Giovanni and see if he knows them before we leave.  Okay?  Please relax and enjoy your lunch.”


“Yes Lee,” she answered back looking at the man again.


Before they ordered lunch Wanda gave Angie her birthday present from them.  It was a designer purse she had admired when the girls went shopping a few weeks ago.  She thanked them for the present and they ordered lunch. Janet kept looking at the man seated at the table in front of the restaurant.  After enjoying their lunch, the admiral paid the bill and they headed to their cars.  Before Lee left he went over to Giovanni.


“Was everything alright Commander?” Giovanni asked noticing a worried look on Lee’s face.


“Yes delicious as usual. Do you know those two gentlemen sitting over there?” Lee pointed discreetly to the two men he seated earlier.


“No they’re just passing through on their way to San Diego.  Is there a problem?”


“No please don’t worry about it,” Lee told him patting his arm.


Lee went out to the car as the admiral, Angie and Janet waited for him to return.  Chip, Wanda and Jamie had already left for the institute.


“Problem Lee?” the admiral inquired.


“No, just checking on something for Janet.”


Janet could tell by the look on Lee’s face that she worried for nothing.


The two men left a little while after the group from the institute.  The smaller man noticed Janet’s black eye as she walked by them.


“Nice job, Clyde,” he said.


“Thanks Bert.  It wasn’t too hard to hurt her even though she did try pretty hard to stop me.  She kept looking at me during lunch.  She might have recognized me.”


“How could she?  You had a mask on.  It’s your size.  She knows a huge man attacked her.  So every big man is going to be the one.” Bert reassured him.





After lunch everyone still had plenty of work do to before they left for the day.  Bert and Clyde went back to their waiting place near NIMR.  Angie left work a little early so she could go downtown Santa Barbara to the bakery to pick up a cake.  Aaron had set up a friend of his with Angie and he wanted to meet her so Aaron, Wanda and Cale, Aaron’s friend, were going to meet after work at Angie’s condo to celebrate her birthday. When she pulled out of the institute, Bert and Clyde followed her to the bakery. They parked next to her and waited for her to return. As she was walking back to the car, Bert and Clyde got out of the car. Bert walked up behind her while Clyde walked towards her.  Clyde took the cake from her hands while Bert grabbed her and pushed her into the back seat of their car.


Slapping her in the face, Bert snarled, “Tell Nelson we mean business regarding the reactor plans.”


He pushed Angie out of the car and she fell to the pavement. As she lay there, she saw Clyde put the cake on the ground and stomped on it.


“Happy Birthday, Angie!!”


They got in their car and drove away leaving her on the pavement with her smashed cake.  There was no one in the bakery or on the street to see what had happened to her.




Shaking as she stood up next to her car, she took her phone out of her purse and called the admiral.


“Nelson,” he answered on the first ring.


“Admiral, please help me,” Angie cried, “I’m at the bakery downtown.  I’ve been attacked.”


“Angie, stay right where you are.  We’ll be there shortly,” the admiral told her already getting out of his chair.


Lee and Chip were in his office when he received the call.


“Angie’s been attacked downtown.  Let’s go.”


The three men ran out of the office but before leaving Lee spotted Janet at her desk working on the computer.  He rushed into her office.


“Janet,” he said tensely, “please stay here.  Do not leave your office and lock the door as soon as I shut it.”


“Yes Lee,” Janet answered with a frightened look on her face and locked the door as soon as he closed it.


Wanda had already left for the day so hopefully she was safe at home.


As Lee drove them to the bakery, Chip called the police department.


“Is Aaron Thompson there?”


“No I’m sorry he’s not here today,” the desk sergeant replied.


“How about Detective Bates?”


“Yes, she’s here let me get her.”




“Detective Bates, this is Chip Morton from the Nelson Institute.  Another one of our secretaries has been attacked.  She’s downtown at the bakery, could you please met us there?”


“Yes, Mr. Morton.  I’ll also get in touch with Aaron.”


“Thanks Detective.”


“Aaron is not there right now but Detective Bates is going to get in touch with him and have him meet us there,” Chip reported.


They pulled up to the bakery just as Detective Bates arrived in a squad car.


Lee, Chip and the admiral ran over to Angie as stood by her car. Detective Bates and another police officer joined them at the car.


“Oh admiral,” she cried as he gathered the young woman in his arms, “I was so frightened.”


“It’s alright,” the admiral comforted her.


“Angie, this is Detective Bates,” Chip told her, “She’s working with Aaron Thompson.”


“Hello Angie.  Please call me Julie.  Can you tell me what happened?”


“I went into the bakery to get a cake I ordered. I’m having friends over and I wanted to have some dessert for them. When I came out this man came towards me and another one behind me.  One of them grabbed me and pushed me into his car and slapped me across face.”


“Did they say anything you?”


She looked at the admiral who still had his arm wrapped around her shoulder before replying, “Just to tell Nelson we mean business.”


“Can you describe the men?”


“Yes one was very large.  He was taller than Chip and Lee and about thirty pounds heavier. He stayed outside while the smaller one pushed me into the car.  He was smaller than Chip or Lee but weighed about the same,” she said with tears in her eyes.


As she was answering the question, another car pulled up and Aaron got out of the car with Wanda.


“Oh Angie,” Wanda said running over to her and giving her a hug, “Are you alright?”


“Yes.”  She had a large red welt on her cheek from the slap and a scratch mark from a ring. 


Aaron went over to where Julie, Lee and Chip were standing.


“The one guy sounds like the one who attacked Janet,” Julie said as Aaron looked at Wanda thankful he was with her tonight.


“Yes he does,” Lee replied running his hand through his hair.


“Lee I know whatever these guys are looking for has something to do with national security but I think you’re going to have to tell us so we know where to start looking before someone else gets hurt,” Aaron said seriously.


“Aaron, give me another forty eight hours before I tell you,” Lee asked quietly.


“Okay Lee, I will do that but no longer,” Aaron replied shaking his head not happy at Lee’s answer.


“Angie, do you need to go to the hospital.  I can have an ambulance here in a few minutes,” Julie asked softly.


“No thanks.  I just want to go home,” Angie answered tears running down her cheeks.  “Aaron, could we please cancel our plans?  I can’t meet anyone tonight.”


“Yes Angie,” Aaron answered patting her arm.  “We’ll make it another time.”


“We’ll see that she is checked out by Dr. Jamieson and I will see her home,” the admiral told Julie and Aaron.


“Okay.” Aaron said, “And Lee I’m holding you to the forty eight hours.  I will be knocking on your door if I don’t hear from you.”


“I know Aaron,” Lee replied, “Hopefully I will have an answer for you.”


The admiral drove Angie to Med Bay.  Lee and Chip would meet them there after they picked up Janet at the institute office.


Aaron took Wanda back home, called Cale and cancelled the plans they had for the evening. Worried about Wanda being the next victim, he stayed with her that night.   Julie and the police officer checked out the area and talked with several bystanders but no one saw anything.  She went back to the station and filled out the paperwork.


As they were driving back Chip asked, “Lee, what are you going to tell them.”


“Chip, to be honest with you I don’t know how much we can tell.  The admiral’s going to have to check with Admiral Johnson.”




The admiral drove Angie directly to Med Bay. He called Jamie on the phone right after they left the bakery.  He met them at the door where he led them to an examination room and he looked at her cheek.


“Nothing looks broken.  You will probably have a bruise there for a couple of days,” he told her handing her an ice pack.  Whoever attacked you must have had a ring on.  You have a nice scratch from it.”


He cleaned up the scratch and put a bandage on it.


“Thanks, Jamie,” she answered her eyes welling up with tears. 


The admiral had put his arm around her to comfort her.  The admiral was very protective of her ever since she started working for him many years ago.  Her family was out of state and she had no one here to take care of her.




Lee and Chip arrived at the institute offices and went upstairs to get Janet.


“Janet, you can open the door,” Lee told her as he heard the door unlock.


“Lee what happened...why did I have to stay here...please tell me, “Janet asked frantically.


“Sweetie, Angie was attacked at the bakery downtown a little while ago.  She went to get a cake and they pushed her into a car and slapped her around.”


“Lee was it the same man?” Janet shuddered.


“He was there but didn’t do it, there was another man.”


“Is she okay...can I see her...where is she?


“She’s at Med Bay with the admiral.  We’ll go check on her.”


Lee grabbed Janet’s hand as the three of them left the office and headed for Med Bay.  They walked into Med Bay and found where Angie and the admiral were.  Janet went over and hugged her.


“Angie, why don’t you stay with Lee and me tonight?  This way if you have a problem, someone will be with you.”


“No I want to go home.  I’ll be alright.  But I don’t want to drive there by myself.  Would you drive me home and pick me up tomorrow?”


Chip quickly answered, “I’ll take you home and pick you up tomorrow for work.”


“Thanks Chip.”


He took her hand and led her out to his car.  Lee and the admiral watched them drive away.


“Admiral we’re going to have to talk about his tomorrow.  Aaron might need to know what’s going on.”


Sighing he answered, “I have to check with Johnson first.”


“I told Aaron I would have an answer for him in forty eight hours.  If he starts digging around it could cause more trouble.”


“I know Lee.”


Lee and Janet walked out of Med Bay with the admiral and Jamie.  They all headed home after a long day.




Chip took Angie home and could tell she was still pretty upset so he decided to stay the night.  He would sleep on her couch and drive her to work the next morning. 


“Thanks for staying,” Angie told him as she got him a blanket and pillow.


“It’s no problem,” he told her rubbing her hand.  He and Angie had dated a couple of times but they knew it wouldn’t work out between them. He still cared for her and was worried about her.


Angie went to her room and got ready for bed.  He heard her crying.  He wanted to go to her room but decided to stay where he was.  He didn’t want to complicate matters.




Lee and Janet went home too.  Janet was very upset at what had happened to Angie.  Her eye was still a little black and blue from her attack.


“Lee what are we going to do about this?” Janet asked as she paced in their living room. Can’t we give them what they want?  Everyone must have nuclear reactors.”


“Sweetheart you know we can’t give the plans away to just anyone,” he told her grimly.  “The government wants to know why this country needs to build submarines now.”


“I know I’m just afraid.”


He took her by the waist, pulled her close and gave her a kiss.  She laid her head on his chest and they stood there together for a few minutes before they went upstairs.




Chip woke up the next morning and made some coffee and breakfast for Angie.  She came out of her room and looked very tired.  Her face had a nice purple blue bruise on it and the scratch was very red.


“Hurt much?” Chip asked with concern.  “Didn’t get much sleep did you?”


“Not too much to both questions.  Thanks for making breakfast.”


“No problem.”


They ate breakfast and as Chip cleaned up Angie finished getting ready for work.  They left a few minutes later.  Neither one said anything on the drive to the institute.




Lee and Janet were also up and getting ready for work.  Lee made the coffee and breakfast as Janet finished getting ready.  They left for work and were parking the car when Chip and Angie drove in and they waited for them at the door.  Janet could see that Angie looked very tired. 


“You okay?” Janet asked softly.


“Yes, I’ll be fine,” she answered with a slight grin after she said it.


“Lee, I’m going home to shower and change.  I should be back in thirty minutes,” Chip told him.


“Take your time.”


Chip drove back to his house while Lee escorted Janet and Angie into the institute.


The admiral was already there and had made coffee.  Wanda walked in a few minutes later. 


“Lee can I see you in my office?” the admiral requested.  “Where’s Chip?”


“He went home to shower and change.  He ended up staying with Angie last night.  He should be here in thirty minutes.”


“When he comes in, I want to see both of you.”


“Yes sir.”


Lee went to his office after getting a mug of coffee.  He sat at his desk wondering what the admiral wanted to talk to them about.  A bigger pressing problem was how to protect Janet, Angie and Wanda.




While the admiral waited for Lee and Chip to come into his office, he called Hank Rivers in security.


“Hank any ideas on how to stop intruders from getting in on the north side of the institute.”


“Well Admiral, if we electrify the fence it might deter anyone from trying to cut a hole in the fence.  I can’t think of anything else that would work.  We patrol there more often than anywhere else.  But with the overgrowth on the government land, we could go by there and five minutes later they could get in because we can’t see them.”


“Make it happen, Hank.  There are quite a few institute personnel that walk that beach besides Lee, Janet and Chip and we can’t have them being attacked because of some overgrown land.”


“It will take a couple of weeks since we have to wire the fence and get some power out there.  I will keep on it, sir.”


“Thanks Hank.”


The next call the admiral made was to Admiral Johnson.




“Gerald any word from the agents?  Angie was attacked last night because of those damn reactor plans.  The police are not happy we can’t give them any information.”


“Harry, the police are involved?”


“Gerald, I had to report it.  I don’t want any more of my personnel attacked because of this.  Neither Janet or Angie revealed why they were attacked but the police are very suspicious and I need to give them something to satisfy them before they started digging into this.”


“Harry, I need a little more time.  They were finally able to get into the inner circle but haven’t been able to report back what they found out.”


“Gerald, you’ve got another twenty four hours before the police start poking around.”


Sighing Johnson replied, “Okay let me get back to you.”


The admiral disconnected the call to Johnson.  He was not happy at what Johnson told him.




Chip came in a little while later.  Lee went to his office.


“Chip, the admiral wants to talk to us.”


“Do you know why?”


“No, but I need to talk to him too.  We’re going to have to figure out a way to watch over the girls.”


“That’s for sure.  We can’t have them getting beat up.”


Chip got a cup of coffee before he and Lee went into the admiral’s office and knocked on the door.




“Hi Chip.  Thanks for staying with Angie last night.”


“It was no problem.  She was still pretty upset when she got home.  I don’t think she got much sleep.”


“I’ll check on her later.  I don’t have too much going on today so I’ll let her leave early. But I’ve got two items I need to tell you about.  I talked to Hank and his solution to the breach on the north side is to electrify the fence.  I probably should have done that when I first got the property but it will take a couple of weeks to get it finished but hopefully it will stop the intruders.  Next I called Admiral Johnson regarding the reactor plans.  I told him the police were involved and he wasn’t too happy.”


Lee just rolled his eyes saying sharply, “What did he expect us to do, pretend it didn’t happen?”


The admiral continued, “Calm down Lee.  I gave him twenty four hours before we go to Aaron.  We can him give a small amount of information just enough to keep him satisfied.”


“Admiral you know Aaron well enough to know he going to figure out we’re stalling,” Chip remarked.


“I realized that Chip but maybe it’ll convince him to hold off needing to know why and concentrate on finding these men.”


Lee sat there for a couple of minutes before commenting, “Admiral what are we going to do about protecting Angie, Wanda and Janet for now.  We obviously can’t ban them from going out but we can’t have them getting attacked either.”


“I can have security assign bodyguards to them when they aren’t on institute property but Lee you know they will not like losing their freedom.’


“No they’re definitely not going to like that,” Lee admitted.  “Got any other ideas?”


Both of them shook their heads.


“Alright bodyguards it is.  Don’t worry about Janet.  I will make sure when she leaves the grounds that I’m with her if I’m not busy.   Maybe Kowalski, Patterson and Riley would like to pick up some extra money being bodyguards. I think the girls would be more comfortable with men they know rather than a stranger,” Lee suggested.


“Good idea,” Chip said, “I’ll call Sharkey and see if he knows where they are.  I’ll have him tell them to contact you.”


“Sounds good,” Lee replied.


“That’s all I have for now,” the admiral said, “Do either of you have anything else?”


“No sir,” the replied as they got up and left his office.





Lee and Chip went to Chip’s office where he called Chief Sharkey.  Lee stood in the doorway as Chip made the call.  He could see Janet sitting at her desk working on the computer.  He dreaded telling her she couldn’t go out without a bodyguard if he wasn’t available. Not that Angie or Wanda would like it either but Janet was a lot more stubborn than they were.  He turned his attention back to Chip when Chief Sharkey answered.




“Hi Chief.”


“Hello Mr. Morton.  Is everything okay?”


“Yes, do you know if Kowalski, Patterson and Riley are around? We need their help with something.”


“Yes Mr. Morton, they’re in town.  Starting next week they will be doing guard duty on Seaview.


“Could you please have them call the skipper?  He has a project from them.”


“No problem, Mr. Morton.  I’ll get right on it.”


“Thanks chief.”


“Thanks Chip.  I’ll let you know what I find out.”


Lee left Chip’s office and went back to his after getting a cup of coffee.  He sat down at his desk and looked at his in basket.  It was overflowing with work.  He had better get started so he could keep Janet busy. She wouldn’t be able to go out if she had a lot of work to do.


He had been working for a couple of hours when Janet buzzed his phone.


“Lee, Kowalski is on the phone.”


“Thanks, Sweetie.”


“Hi Ski.  We need a favor from you.  We were wondering if you would mind being a bodyguard for Mrs. Crane, Miss Angie and Miss Wanda.  If you can do it, I would like to talk to you in person.”


“Sure skipper whatever you need.”


“Good why don’t you come here around 1400 hours?  Do you know if Pat and Riley are available?”

“Skipper they’re right here with me.  Chief called and told me to call you and asked about them. So I’m calling for them too.  Let me tell them about the meeting and see if they want to help.”


“Thanks, Ski.”


Kowalski told the other two men what the skipper wanted and they agreed to help too.  Chief Sharkey walked in the diner where they were having lunch.


“Ski, did you call the skipper?”


“Yes Sharkey.  Just got off the phone.  He wants us to be bodyguards for Mrs. Crane, Miss Angie and Miss Wanda.”


“Bodyguards why?”


“Don’t know we’re meeting him at 1400 hours.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind an extra man,” Kowalski told him as he drank his coffee.


“I’m in.”  He sat down with the rest of them and ordered lunch.




Lee, Chip and Janet went to the cafeteria for lunch.  Today’s special was meat loaf.  Chip ordered the special while Lee and Janet had salads.


“Lee, why did Kowalski call earlier?  According to the schedule he’s not on duty until next week.  I thought he went on vacation.”


Chip sat there eating his meatloaf watching Lee squirm out of telling her why he called.


“I need to talk him about a special project.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you before we left for lunch but he’ll be at my office for a meeting at 1400 hours along with Patterson and Riley. Please let me know as soon as they arrive, okay sweetie.”


“Okay,” Janet replied as she got up to get some more ice tea, “would either of you like some more coffee?”


“Yes, I would like more,” Chip answered as Janet picked up his cup.


“Sure I could use some too,” Lee told her handing her his cup.


As she walked away, Chip said, “Good job of getting out of telling her why Kowalski’s really coming.  But you know she’s going to be pissed when you tell her the real reason.”


Sighing Lee replied, “Yes I know but what can I do?”


Janet came back with their coffees, her tea and sat down.


“What did I miss?  You two look like the cat that swallowed the canary.”


“Nothing sweetie.  We better get back to work.  I’ve got a lot of reports and letters to give you.”


They went back to the office.  Janet went to Lee’s office so she could get the work he had for her.  He handed her several folders bulging with work.


He wasn’t kidding when he said he had a lot of work to give me, Janet thought.  She went to Chip’s office and he too had a lot of work to be done.


I think I like it better when they’re on Seaview checking out the boat, she thought looking at everything they gave her. 




At 1400 hours, Kowalski, Patterson, Riley and Chief Sharkey reported to Lee’s office for the meeting.


“Hello, gentlemen,” Janet greeted them.  “I’ll tell the skipper you’re here.”


“Nice eye, Mrs. C.” Riley told her.


Grinning she replied, “You should’ve seen it last week.”  By now her eye was a nice shade of green and yellow.


They stood in the waiting area while she went into Lee’s office.


“Lee, the men are here.  Chief Sharkey’s with them too.”


“Thanks, Sweetie,” he said with a smile knowing Sharkey would help out also.  “Tell Chip they’re here.  I want him on the meeting too.”


“Yes, Lee,” she answered and went to Chip’s office.

”Chip, the men are here and Lee would like you in on the meeting.”


“Thanks, Janet.”  He got up from his desk and went to the waiting area and brought the men into Lee’s office and shut the door.


Janet was very curious as to what the meeting was about as Lee never did tell her.




Lee and Chip leaned against the edge of his desk while Kowalski, Patterson and Riley sat on the couch.  Sharkey stood by the door.


“As I told Ski on the phone, we would like you to be bodyguards for Janet, Angie and Wanda.  Janet was attacked last week as she walked on the beach.  That’s how she got the black eye.”


“Sorry skipper, I thought maybe she ran into something,” Riley said solemnly.


“No harm,” Lee said continuing, “Angie was attacked last night in downtown Santa Barbara.  She’s alright but was very frightened.”


“Why were they attacked,” Patterson inquired.


Lee knew he could tell these men the reason they were attacked.  These men are the most trusted ones on the boat and have rescued and aided him on ONI missions many times.


“A small country on the Arabian Sea is starting up a navy and wants to build a submarine using the reactor plans from Seaview.  They want to be a force with the rest of the Middle East.  The admiral refused to give them the plans and got ONI involved.  So to show they meant business they attacked Janet and Angie hoping he would give them the plans.”


“Are the police involved?” Sharkey wanted to know


“Yes they are but we haven’t told them why they were attacked.  We’re waiting for Admiral Johnson to get some information from the agents he’s sent there.  They haven’t been able to contact him as to who’s in charge of these men.  But the police are getting antsy for some information and we don’t know how much longer we can stall them,” Chip told them.


Lee continued, “We would like you to accompany Angie and Wanda when they leave the institute.  Take them home, make sure no one is in their houses and go on the errands with them.”


“What about Mrs. Crane?” Kowalski asked.


“I will make sure I’m with her as much as I can but there may be times when I might need one of you to accompany her.”


“Cheech skipper,” Riley said, “Do they know this?”


Sighing he replied, “No not yet.  They’re not going to be happy but we can’t have them attacked again.  We didn’t say anything to them until we knew you would take on this task.”


“Well I’m in,” Kowalski said. 


The rest of the men nodded their heads in agreement.


“I know you’re going on guard duty next week but between the four of you, Mr. Morton and I will make sure one of you is available to leave if needed.  Thanks men,” Lee told them gratefully.


“Skipper, I don’t want to be in your shoes when you tell them,” Riley stated.


With a small grin Lee nodded, “I’m not sure I want to be in them either.”


The men left Lee’s office.  Janet was just coming out of Chip’s office after putting some paperwork on his desk.


“Good bye Mrs. Crane,” they said to her.


“Good bye guys.  Have a good afternoon,” Janet replied back.  They had very somber looks on their faces.




After the men left, Lee and Chip went to the Admiral’s office.


“Hi, Angie. How are you this afternoon?” Chip asked.


“Better thanks.  I really appreciated your staying with me last night.”

”I’m glad I could help.  Can we see the admiral?”


“Yes, he’s in there working on a new project.”


Chip knocked on the door and waited for the admiral to answer.

”Come in.”


Lee and Chip went into the admiral’s office and sat down on the chairs in front of his desk. He looked up from what he was doing as they sat down.


“The men have agreed to help us out.  Chief Sharkey is helping also.  Now the only problem is telling the girls,” Lee told the admiral.


“Who’s going to do it?” Chip asked as both he and Lee looked at the admiral.


“Well with the two of you looking at me like that, I guess I’m the one.  Please call them in here.”


Lee left the office and went to Angie’s desk.


“Angie could you please go in the admiral’s office we need to talk to you about something.”


“Sure Lee,” she replied and went to the office.


Lee asked Wanda to go to the admiral’s office and then went to get Janet.


“Janet I need you to come with me to the admiral’s office.”


“Okay.”  She got up from her desk and followed her husband to the admiral’s office.


When all three of them were in the admiral’s office, they sat down on one set of couches while the admiral, Lee and Chip sat down across from them on the other set.


The admiral told Wanda why Janet and Angie were attacked.  After he finished he added, “I know you are dating Aaron but he can’t know why they were attacked just yet.”


“Yes admiral I understand.  Aaron and I never discuss what goes on at work.  He knows I can’t tell him what takes place here and I don’t ask him about his work.”


“Thanks Wanda.  Because of the attacks on Angie and Janet we have to make some changes around here to insure that all of you are safe. So from now on you will have a bodyguard when you leave the institute to go home or on an errand. They will check your house before you go in to make sure no one is there.   Kowalski, Patterson, Riley and Chief Sharkey have agreed to accompany you where ever you go.  I know it’s not the best solution but we don’t want anything to happen to any of you.”


“Once we find out who is behind the attacks and the police have them in custody, we’ll remove the bodyguards,” Lee told them looking at Janet. 


The three women looked at the three men who sat across from them and could see the worry and concern on their faces.


Angie spoke up, “I’m not thrilled about it but I will do whatever you want me to do.  I don’t want to be attacked again.”


Wanda nodded her head in agreement.


Janet looking at Lee said, “I’ll agree too.” 


He could tell she was not happy by the look on her face.  He knew when he got home he would probably get an earful.


The admiral looked at his watch, “Let’s call it a day.  We’re all going home right now. We’ll work out the details with the men and coordinate with you what your schedules are.”


They all left the admiral’s office as he started packing up his briefcase.  The rest of them went to their offices and got ready to leave.


Chip stopped at Lee’s office before going to his, “I don’t envy you tonight.  She’s not happy.  Good luck.”


“Just keep your windows closed if you don’t want to hear us,” Lee said with a slight grin.


Chip walked Angie and Wanda to their cars and would drive out of the institute with them to make sure no one was following them.  The admiral had a dinner meeting with the mayor so he would also watch as they drove out.  Lee and Janet would go straight home.




Lee held the car door for Janet as she got in.  He started the car and grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze.

She squeezed it back but said nothing on the way home.


As soon as they got in the house and before she could say anything, he pulled her close and gave her a deep long kiss.  She returned his kiss and started to say something but he beat her to it.


“Before you yell at me hear me out,” he pleaded, “I know you’re pissed that you need a bodyguard. I’ll be your bodyguard unless I’m not available and then I’ll make sure Kowalski is with you but I just want you to be safe.”


“Lee,” she said softly, “I’m not happy about this but I saw the worry on your faces in the admiral’s office.  I’ll do whatever you want.  I don’t want you to worry anymore than the three of you already are.”


Stunned at what she said with no argument, he replied, “Thank you, sweetheart.”


Giving her another kiss, he took her hand and they went upstairs to change before making dinner.  They never made it back down stairs.  They went to bed for some intimate exercise and stayed there for the rest of the night.




Admiral Johnson had finally gotten word from the agents.  They sent him pictures of the gentlemen who were here in California.  They were the same men who attacked Janet and Angie. The two men were Bert Harvey and Clyde Harlow.  Clyde was the large man both Janet and Angie described.  They weren’t kidding when they said he was huge.  Clyde was also the man Janet saw in Giovanni’s the day they went to lunch. Lee hoped he didn’t make a mistake dismissing her feelings at the restaurant.  He needed to learn to trust her instincts.


Lee and the admiral went to the police station to talk to Aaron and Detective Bates.  Admiral Johnson had given them permission to explain to the police what they wanted and give them copies of the pictures so they could try and find Bert and Clyde.


“Are Detectives Thompson and Bates available,” Lee asked the desk sergeant.  “Tell him Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane would like to see them.”


“Yes sir.  Let me tell them you’re here.”


The admiral and Lee stood in the reception area looking at all the wanted posters when Aaron came out to get them.


“Good morning Admiral, Lee.  What can I do for you?”


“Do you have a minute to talk?  We have information for you regarding the attacks on Janet and Angie,” Lee told him.


“Let’s go to the conference room.  I’ll get Julie so she can hear what you’re going to tell me.”


He led the admiral and Lee down a long corridor and into a small conference room.


“Help yourself to some coffee.  Not as strong as yours but it’s still good.”


Lee poured a cup for the admiral and himself.  He was right not as strong but still good.  Julie and Aaron returned a short while later to the conference room.


“Good morning,” they told her and she nodded back.


The admiral started by showing them the pictures of Bert and Clyde, “These are the two men who attacked Janet and Angie. They were at Giovanni’s on Monday when we were there for lunch and that was also the day Angie was attacked.”


“Do you have any idea where these guys staying or hiding?” Julie asked as she looked at the pictures.


“No, we don’t have any information other than the pictures,” Lee responded.


“Why are they here and what do they want?” Aaron asked looking at both men.


“Aaron, Julie what I tell you now must stay in this room.  As I told you before our national security depends on it,” the admiral stressed.


“Whatever you tell us will not leave this room,” Aaron assured them.


The admiral explained to Aaron and Julie why Angie and Janet were attacked and even though they were trying to intimidate him, he would not sell them the plans. “You just need to find these men,” he told them.


“Thank you admiral for giving us this information,” Aaron replied, “I’ll make sure that all patrol officers are given these pictures so they can be on the lookout for them.”


“One more thing,” Lee added, “Angie, Wanda and Janet will have bodyguards with them whenever they leave the institute.  Institute personnel will be with them when they go home, they will check out their houses and go with them on errands.”


Smiling Aaron said, “Thanks for taking care of that.”  He felt better knowing Wanda would be safe if he wasn’t able to be with her.


The admiral and Lee got up and shook the detective’s hands before leaving.


“Thanks for your help too,” Lee told them.  “Please keep us informed if you find them.”


“Of course,” Julie replied.


Aaron went back to his office and made copies of the pictures to be distributed to all the patrol cars.  They were already on the lookout for a black car and a large man.




A week had gone by and the girls had gotten used to have someone with them at all times.  No other attempts had been made on any of them so far.  But Lee and the admiral weren’t taking any chances until the two men were caught the girls would keep the bodyguards.  Janet only needed to have Kowalski with her a couple of times as Lee was either at a meeting or busy on Seaview.


It was late on Wednesday afternoon when Janet needed to go to the cleaners and grocery store.  She couldn’t stall any longer.  They had nothing in the house to eat and Lee and Chip were down to their last uniforms.  Lee was unavailable to go with her so she called down to Seaview to have one of the men come up and go with her. 


The only man available was Kowalski.  He came right up from the sub pen and met her in her office.


“I’m sorry Ski,” Janet told him.  “I can go to the store and cleaners by myself.  I’m sure you were in the middle of doing something more important than babysitting me.”


“Don’t worry about it Mrs. C. and if you went out by yourself I would be without a job and you would be in big trouble with the skipper.  We never want to make him mad,” he replied with a wry grin.


Sighing she replied, “You’re right.  He’s been a little cranky today anyway.  Is there a problem with Seaview?”


“Yes, the reactor is acting up and they can’t figure out what the problem is.”


“Let’s go so you can get back and help them solve the problem.”


They climbed her SUV with Kowalski at the wheel.  She couldn’t even drive her own car.  Lee wanted one of the men at the wheel in case there was a problem because they could handle the vehicle better than her.


They arrived in downtown Santa Barbara a little before 1600 hours.  They didn’t notice the black sedan that had been following them from the hotel parking lot right off NIMR drive.  There was a lot of traffic on the road that led to downtown so it was able to stay out of sight.


Kowalski parked the car right in front of the cleaners. The black sedan with darken windows parked next to them on the driver’s side of the car. They went in and picked up the cleaning.  There was quite a bit of it since Janet, Lee or Chip hadn’t been there in a while. Kowalski carried the cleaning to the car and Janet opened the back driver side door so he could put it in. He closed the door and as they were going to the other side of the car, the door on the passenger side of the black sedan opened up suddenly and knocked Kowalski to the ground.  He hit the front of his head on the curb knocking him out.  The back door on the passenger side opened up and grabbed Janet pushing her into the back seat. The car drove away leaving Kowalski lying on the curb. 


Mr. Winch the owner of the cleaners saw what happened and ran out to help Kowalski who was getting up from the street.


“Where’s Mrs. Crane,” he asked Mr. Winch as he rubbed his forehead and found blood on his hand.


“A man in the black car put her in the back seat,” he told Kowalski.


“Shit.”  He would have to call the skipper and tell him his wife was taken.




Lee was in the control room getting ready to leave Seaview to go the institute office when his phone rang.  Chip was in the observation nose after coming out of the flying sub.


“What is it Kowalski?” Lee asked recognizing the phone number.


“Sorry sir, they got her,” Kowalski told him softly.


“What do you mean...who got her...where are you?” Lee asked frantically as Chip ran over to him.


“I’m at the cleaners in downtown Santa Barbara.”


“Don’t move.  I’ll be right there.”


“They got Janet,” Lee told Chip, “You have to drive I don’t have a car.”


Chip called the admiral as they ran to the parking lot to get Chip’s car.  He met them in front of the office. They got in Chip’s car and drove downtown.  The admiral was calling Aaron as they drove.


“Aaron Thompson or Detective Bates please,” the admiral asked the person who answered the phone.


“Neither one of them is available right now I can put in your Detective Thompson’s voice mail.”


“This is an emergency.  Please find him and tell him Admiral Nelson is on the phone and that Janet Crane has been kidnapped.”


The admiral waited on the phone tapping his foot on the floor of the car.


“Admiral,” Aaron answered out of breath.  “Sorry I was at the shooting range.  Janet’s been kidnapped.  I thought she had a bodyguard with her.”


“I don’t have all the details.  She was at the cleaners in downtown.”


“I’ll meet you there.”


When Lee, Chip and the admiral arrived at the cleaners, Kowalski was sitting on the curb holding a cloth on his head that was covered in blood.  Mr. Winch had given him one when he saw he was bleeding. Also near the curb was Janet’s purse.  Lee checked inside hoping she had her cell phone with her but he found it in the purse.  Shit, he thought.


“Sorry skipper,” Kowalski said guiltily trying to stand up.  “They knocked me down with the car door.  I hit my head on the curb and was knocked out momentarily. 


“Are you alright Ski?’ Lee asked not only concerned about his wife but him as well.  He had quite a nasty looking gash and bump on his head.  “Sit down Ski. Do you need an ambulance?”


“No skipper.  I’ll just go to Med Bay when I get back.  I’m so sorry sir.  I never saw them open the door.”


Lee noticed Mr. Winch standing there watching and went over to him.


“Mr. Winch did you see who took Mrs. Crane?”


“Yes sir.  A large man opened the door into the man in the red suit.  A smaller man grabbed Mrs. Crane as she tried to help him.  He threw her in the back of a black car.”


“Did you get the license plate number?” 


“No sorry sir.”


“Thanks Mr. Winch,” Lee said patting him on the shoulder as he could see he was very upset at what happened outside his store.


Aaron and Julie drove up a few minutes later and rushed over to Lee, Chip and the admiral.


“Lee what happened...I thought she had a bodyguard...who took her,” Aaron asked urgently.


“According to Mr. Winch, it was the same two men from before.  They knocked out her bodyguard,” he told them motioning over to Kowalski sitting on the curb.


“Does he need an ambulance?  He looks pretty bad,” Julie asked as she went to look at him. 


“No, we’ll make sure he gets to Med Bay,” the admiral told her.


Aaron went over to Mr. Winch and asked him some questions.  He could offer no more information than what he told Lee.


“Lee we’ll get an alert out right away but there are a lot of black cars and with no plate number it will be difficult to find them. All the patrol cars also have pictures of the two men so hopefully they will spot something. But they probably have already ditched the car.”


“Do what you can.  I’m sure they’ll be calling looking for the plans,” Lee sighed deeply.


“Call us if they do.  Lee you will call us?”


“Yes, Aaron I will call if and when I hear from them.”


Lee helped Kowalski get into his SUV and took him to Med Bay.  Chip and the admiral stayed behind with Aaron and Julie to see if they could find out any more information.


As they drove back to the institute Kowalski started, “Skipper...”  Lee didn’t let him finish.


“Ski I don’t blame you.  Please don’t worry about it.  We’ll get her back.”


As they were driving Lee called Med Bay and told Jamie to be ready for a head injury on Kowalski.


Jamie met them at the door and helped Lee bring Kowalski into an examination room.  After examining him, he knew he had a concussion.  He stitched up his forehead and would have to stay overnight in Med Bay.


“Doc, let me out.  I need to help them find Mrs. Crane,” Kowalski told Jamie as he got up off the gurney.  Luckily Lee was standing there or he would have fallen on the floor.  Lee helped him get back on the gurney.


“Ski, you’ll stay here...that’s an order...I’ll let you know when we find her,” Lee told him as he laid back down.


“Yes sir.”


“Lee I’ll make sure he stays.  Let me know if you need my help,” Jamie said putting his hand on Lee’s shoulder, “You’ll find her.”


“Thanks Jamie,” Lee said as he walked to his car and drove back to the office.


He walked to the elevators and took them upstairs.  Wanda and Angie were waiting for him by the door. They could tell the news wasn’t good by the look on his face and let him walk to his office.  He sat there in the dark knowing what they would want.  He knew he could not give it to them and it might cost his wife her life.


Chip and the admiral came back a few minutes later and told the girls what had happened.


“Where’s Lee,” Chip asked concerned about his ‘brother’.


“In his office,” Angie told him.


He knocked on the door but when he got no answer went in anyway.  He was surprised to find Lee sitting in the dark. 


“We’ll find her,” he reassured him.


“Chip, you and I both know what their going to want and we can’t give it them.”


“Lee, we’ll figure out a way to get her back and not give them the plans,” Chip told him patting him on the shoulder.





Janet shut the car door after Kowalski put the cleaning in but before she could walk around to the other side the car parked next to them opened up the door quickly and hit Kowalski from behind knocking him down and he hit his head on the curb.  Janet ran to help him but was grabbed from behind and thrown in the back seat of the black car.


“Get the hell out of here,” the man yelled as he shut the car door.


Janet felt the car back up and speed away.


“Who are you?” Janet screamed squirming trying to away from the man.  “He’s hurt...let me help him...you can’t leave him.”


“I don’t care about him.  I suggest you stop squirming or you’ll be sorry.”


“Go to hell,” Janet told him grabbing the car door handle trying to open it even though the car was moving.


The man in the back slapped her across he face and then pressed a cloth saturated with chloroform to her face.  That was the last thing she remembered.  They drove to the mall, parking the car as far away from the entrance as they could. Parked right along the black car was a small silver car.  After making sure no one was around, Bert opened the door on the silver car while Clyde took Janet out of the back and put her in the back of the silver car.  Bert started the car as Clyde got in the car and drove away.




When Janet woke up she was alone in a small bedroom room handcuffed to a headboard with wooden slats.  The handcuffs didn’t move very well on the wooden slats but she managed to sit up and look at her watch. She had been out for over two hours. Looking around the room she noticed it had a bathroom but couldn’t tell if it had any windows.  The main room had windows but they were close to the ceiling and covered with curtains.  If she managed to get free of the handcuffs there was nothing for her to stand on but a small table next to the bed.  Even if she stood on the table she wouldn’t be able to reach the windows, they were too high for her to climb out of. She tried get loose from the handcuffs but she couldn’t undo them. She had no idea where she was.  She could hear traffic outside and assumed she was near a highway.  She was also worried about Kowalski and how badly he was hurt. She tried to open the drawer on the table but quickly shut it when she heard someone at the door.  In walked the huge man she saw at the restaurant.


“I see you’re finally awake,” he said coming over to her and rubbing her cheek where she was slapped.  “Bert wouldn’t have had to hit you if just listened to him.”


Pulling away from him she asked, “Who are you...what do you want from me.”


“Now Mrs. Crane we’ve met before. I’m sure you remember the beach,” he laughed.  “I do. I enjoyed watching you try and get away from me.”


“Please let me go.  I don’t have anything for you.”


“You don’t but the admiral does and we will use you to get it.”


“He’ll never give it to you,” she hissed.


“Maybe he won’t but what about your husband.  I’m sure he would like you back in one piece.”


“He won’t either.”


“We’ll see.”


Bert came in as Clyde was talking to her. 


Clyde, the boss called.  He’ll be here tomorrow to take over the operation.  We’re to do nothing until he gets here.”


“It looks like Mrs. Crane will be our guest for the night.  Would you like some dinner?”


Janet just looked at them and said nothing.


“Suit yourself,” Clyde said as he and Bert left the room.


Damn, she thought.  She laid back down with tears in her eyes.  She knew Lee would move heaven and earth to find her but she also knew he or the admiral wouldn’t give those reactor plans to them.  She fell asleep hoping Lee would have a plan to get her out.




The admiral, Lee and Chip were meeting in the admiral’s office trying to figure out a way to find Janet.  The admiral’s phone rang interrupting their discussion.


“Nelson,” the admiral answered tersely.


“Harry, Gerald here,” Johnson continued before the admiral could stop him, “I have some more information for you.  The agents found out that the people trying to get the plans for the reactor are a rogue group.  They imprisoned the prime minister and his cabinet so they could take over the country.  They managed to round up all the members of the group except the two in California and the leader, Reno Shale. They believe he has left the country on his way to California.  He doesn’t know his group has been arrested.  I’m sending you a picture of him.”


“Gerald, you’re about three hours to late with this information.  Janet Crane was kidnapped by them this afternoon.  We haven’t heard from them yet but you can bet they’re going to want the plans for the reactor and use her to get them.”


“Harry you know you can’t give them the plans no matter what.  Even if we have his members in custody, he could sell them to any country willing to pay for them.   The People’s Republic is looking to built new more powerful submarines.”


“I’m well aware of that Johnson,” the admiral said harshly.  “And it could cost Janet Crane her life.”


“Harry, I’m really sorry,” Johnson replied softly, “please keep me informed.”


The admiral slammed down the phone.  He couldn’t face Lee or Chip, but they both were well aware of what Johnson had told him.  They had done enough government work to know he couldn’t give them the plans.




Lee and Chip left the admiral’s office late that night.  Before leaving they called Aaron to see if he had any leads on the car.  He had nothing new to report.


Before leaving for the night they went to Med Bay to check on Kowalski.  They arrived just as Jamie was checking on him.


“How’s he doing Jamie?’ Lee asked.


“He should be able to leave tomorrow but he won’t be able to return to work for a couple of days.”


“Doc, I can’t stay home.  I need to help the skipper find Mrs. C.  It’s my fault she was kidnapped.”


“Ski, do what the Dr. Jamieson says. I don’t want to make it an order but right now we have no information so there’s nothing you can do,” Lee told him.


“Yes sir.  But if you do, please let me know.”


“Okay Ski.  Good night.”


Chip and Lee walked back to their cars.  Lee hesitated before unlocking the door; maybe he would stay at the office tonight instead of going home.


“Lee, want me to stay with you?” Chip asked quietly.


“No Chip.  I was thinking of staying at the office tonight but I guess I’ll go home. Thanks bro.”


“We’ll figure out something Lee,”


“I know,” Lee replied dejectedly.




Lee got in his car and drove home alone to his dark house.  He unlocked the door but didn’t bother to turn on the lights.  He sat on the couch in the dark.  He missed her already. 


What if he never got her back...what if something happened to her...what would he do without her, he thought.


He stretched out on the couch not wanting to go to their bedroom without her.  He laid awake until 0300 trying to think up a plan to get her back before he finally fell asleep.




Lee woke up the next morning to knocking on his patio door.  He got up and saw Chip standing there in a t-shirt and shorts.


“What’s wrong,” Lee asked still half asleep. 


Chip noticed he hadn’t showered, shaved or dressed and it was 0700 hours. He was always up at 0500 even on weekends. 


“Nothing is wrong.  I just need to get my uniforms out of your car and noticed they were in the back seat of your car.  I don’t have one to wear to work today.  You okay?  You look like something the cat dragged in.”


“I didn’t fall asleep until early this morning.”


Chip knew he slept on the couch.  The throw that was always neatly folded on the back was lying in a heap on the floor.


Lee and Chip went to the garage and got their uniforms out of the back seat. 


“Want me to drive you to work today?” Chip offered. 


“No but thanks.  I’ll be there in a little while,” Lee yawned.


Before walking out the door Chip turned around saying, “Lee you know they won’t hurt her...they need her.”


“I know.”


Chip went out the patio door but looked back at Lee and knew he was very worried.  He sighed knowing there was nothing he could do for him and continued on to his house to get ready for work.


Lee made a pot of coffee before taking a shower.  He really didn’t want to go upstairs and take one.  They always took one together every morning.  He went upstairs got his shaving gear, underwear and showered in the bathroom in his office. Taking a uniform from the pile he had just taken from the car he dressed in his office. After he dressed he went to the kitchen and made some toast while drinking a cup of coffee.  He hoped they would call today and let him know when and where he could get his wife back.  He cleaned up and left for work.




When Janet woke the next morning, she sat up on the bed; she needed to use the facilities very badly.  Her arm had fallen asleep and she wanted the handcuffs off.  She only knew the name of the huge man.  Before she could call him, Clyde came into the room.


“Good morning, Mrs. Crane,” Clyde said.


“Could you undo the handcuff?  I need to use the bathroom.”


“Sure but don’t try anything or you’ll be sorry,” he told her as he undid the handcuff and watched her go to the bathroom. 


“Yes sir.”   Janet rubbed her wrist and arm trying to get her circulation back.


She walked into the bathroom hoping there was a window in it but no luck.  After using the facilities she splashed some water on her face and came out as Clyde sat on the bed still watching her.


“Thank you.”


Clyde took her arm and handcuffed her to the bed again.


Bert came into the room with some coffee and cereal for her.


“I thought you might be hungry since you didn’t have any dinner last night,” Bert told her as he set the tray on the bed.


“Yes I’m hungry. Thank you for the food,” Janet told them as she ate the cereal and took a sip of the coffee.


Janet figured if she was nice to them maybe they would let her go.


“Please let me go,” she pleaded, “I’ll personally see that you get the plans.”


“Mrs. Crane we can’t let you go.  But don’t worry you might be able to leave today.  It all depends on Admiral Nelson and when he brings us the plans.”


Clyde walked out of the room as Bert took the tray away, followed him out and shut the door between the rooms. 


Janet knew the admiral would never give them the plans.  She had to figure a way out on her own.  She managed to get the drawer open on the small table next to the bed.  She was looking for something she could use to open the handcuffs.  The only item in the drawer was a telephone book but they must have taken out the phone because she didn’t see one anywhere.


While she sat there trying to figure out what her next move was she heard a new voice in the other room.


“Hello Mr. Shale,” she heard Bert say.


“Where’s Mrs. Crane?”


“In the other room,” Clyde said opening the door to the room where Janet was.


In walked a very handsome and finely dressed man about Lee’s height and weight and the bluest eyes she’s ever seen. Even bluer than Chip’s.


“Mrs. Crane, I’m Reno Shale.  Sorry we have to meet under such circumstances but I need those plans and you’re going to help me get them,” he said as he shut the door.  He gave her the chills as he looked her over from top to bottom undressing her with his eyes.


“Mr. Shale, Admiral Nelson will not give you the plans.”


“Well you better hope he does or you will pay the price.  I have no problem torturing you or even killing you to get them,” he sneered.


Maybe we can make a deal,” he told her as he took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt.


He undid the handcuff on her hand and sat down along side of her. He rubbed his hand against her cheek, then down her arms.  Cringing as he touched her, she knew this was her only chance to try and get away so when he started to open the buttons on her dress; catching him totally off guard she punched him in the face as hard as she could. 


Damn that hurt, she thought as she got up and ran for the door.


“Stop her,” he yelled as he got up from the bed rubbing his jaw.


Janet managed to open the door but there stood Clyde blocking in entire doorway. She tried to get by him but he picked her up and tossed her back on the bed.


“You will pay for that,” Shale hissed as he slapped her across the face and handcuffed her back to the bed.  “No one gets the better of me.”


He buttoned up his shirt, grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the room.  She rubbed her cheek still stinging from the slap, looked at her hand which was starting to swell, laid down on the bed and cried.  She was afraid she blew her only chance for escape.




Lee arrived at the institute and went to his office.  He checked with Wanda when he came in. The admiral, Lee and Chip decided that Wanda and Angie will have some one with them at all times so Patterson picked up Wanda today from her house and drove her to work.  He would also take her home at the end of the day.   Riley was picking up Angie and they hadn’t arrived yet. 


“Wanda did any calls come in for the Admiral?”


“No sir.  None so far.  Any word on Janet?” she asked somberly.


“Nothing yet.  I’ll be in the admiral’s office,” he told her, “Please put any calls through right away.”


“Yes Lee.” 


As he went into the Admiral’s office Angie and Riley came in.  Angie could see how upset he was.  He already looked very tired and worried. 


Grabbing his hand, “They’ll find her,” she told him giving his hand a gentle squeeze.


“I know.  Thanks Angie,” he replied squeezing her hand back.


Chip came out of his office and saw Lee talking to Angie.


“Any word?”  They both shook their heads.


The admiral saw Lee and Chip in Angie’s office and called them into his.  They sat down in front of his desk.  Before the admiral could start talking the phone rang.


Lee picked it up before the admiral had a chance, “Crane,” he said quickly.


“Lee, its Aaron.  We found the black sedan in the parking lot at the mall.  There was no sign of Janet or the two men.  We did find a cloth with chloroform on it.  It looks like they may have knocked her out when they took her.”


“Damn,” Lee snapped, “That means she has no way of knowing where she’s at.”


“Sorry Lee.  It’s all we got right now.  Have you heard anything?”


“Nothing yet.  I’ll let you know if we do,” he sighed.


Lee told the admiral and Chip what Aaron had said to him about the car.


“Lee if they want the plans they’ll contact us,” Chip said softly.


Lee got up from his seat and started pacing.  He knew Chip was right.  They would have to contact them for the plans.


Lee and Chip went back to their office to try do some work.  They heard the phone ring in the admiral’s office and ran to his office.




“Admiral Nelson, this Reno Shale and I have something you want and you have something I want.”


“Go on.”


“Bring me the plans for Seaview’s reactor.  When I have them and check them over I will release Mrs. Crane.”


“Mr. Shale, I will give you the plans but you will bring Mrs. Crane with you.  I’m not giving you anything until she is safe with me.”


“Admiral you’re hardly in a position to make demands.”


“That’s my deal. Take it or leave it,” Nelson said boldly.


Shale figured the admiral wouldn’t give up the plans without Janet being there but he had to try.  He didn’t trust him so he checked around for a public place to meet so the admiral wouldn’t be tempted to try something that would endanger Janet or other people.


“Meet me at Stearns Wharf by the dolphin fountain.  Come alone if I see any body that looks like the police or anyone else but tourists, Mrs. Crane will pay the price.  I have no problem killing her,” Shale told the admiral.


“What time?”


“Be there at 8:00 tomorrow morning.”


“I’ll be there with the plans and you better have Mrs. Crane there also.”


The admiral hung up the phone and repeated to Lee and Chip what Shale’s demands were.


“Admiral, you can’t give him the plans.  The government will have your head,” Lee told him.


“Lee, I have the old plans from the first reactor I put in Seaview.  They’re workable but I will keep out the most important parts of the reactor.  They won’t find out until they start building it that there are components missing.”


“Admiral what if they know what they’re looking at and notice that there are missing important components.”


“Lee we have to take that chance if you want to get Janet back.”


“You’re not going alone. I’m going with you,” Lee stated emphatically.




“No, she’s my wife.”


“Alright,” the admiral conceded.




Lee called Aaron to let him know the kidnappers had made contact with them.




“Aaron, Crane here.  We’re meeting a Mr. Shale at the dolphin fountain on Stearns Wharf tomorrow at 0800.  We’re to come alone.  Anyway you can get a sharpshooter in there without being seen?  He will kill Janet if he sees anyone that doesn‘t look like a tourist.”


“Maybe we could disguise them as maintenance men.  Lee, the fountain and wharf could be crowded with tourists at that time.  We may not be able to take a shot without hurting civilians.”


Sighing Lee responded, “I realize that Aaron and that’s probably why he choose that location but can we try.    Can we meet across the street from the fountain about thirty minutes before 0800 to make sure everyone is in position?”


Lee continued, “I’ll have Chip there as a tourist.  Can you bring Julie?  Maybe they can pose as a couple taking pictures by the fountain?”


“Lee that’s a good idea and are you sure you don’t work for the FBI?  You think too much like an agent.”


“I’ll see you at 0730 tomorrow,” Lee said cutting him off before he could ask any more questions.


“Okay if you pose as a tourist tomorrow with Julie?”


“No problem,” Chip responded.


They went back to their office to finish up the day, before leaving Chip went to Lee’s office.


“How about getting some dinner?  You didn’t eat lunch and the rules Janet has to follow go for you too.  Come on, we’ll order a pizza and eat it at my house. I’ll get Jamie on your six if you tell me no.”


“Fine, I’ll have pizza.  Thanks Chip.”


After eating dinner, Lee went up this his house and unlocked the door, it would be another long and anxious night for him   He fell asleep on the couch again.  He couldn’t bring himself to sleep in their bed alone.  He now realized how hard it is for Janet to sleep when he’s gone.




Janet sat up on the bed when she heard to the door open.  Clyde came in with a dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a glass of ice tea for her and would let her use the bathroom.  


Damn, she thought.  She wouldn’t be able to get past Clyde.  She hoped that Bert would have brought her dinner.  She was sure she could take him out.


“Don’t get any ideas about escaping.  Bert is at the door with a gun waiting for you to open the door.  He will shoot you.” he told her as he stood by the bathroom door as she closed it.  She finished her dinner and Clyde took the tray away.


Sighing Janet told him, “Thanks for dinner and the bathroom break.”


She sat on the bed trying to figure out what she could do to escape.  A couple hours after dinner she was very thirsty.  She needed something to drink.


About 2200 Shale came in the room sporting a large bruise on his jaw that was a nice shade of purple.


“Admiral Nelson agreed to bring the plans to me tomorrow morning,” he told her grinning.


Janet was shocked at what he told her. The admiral would never turn over the plans for the reactor.  There had to be a catch and knew they had come up with a plan. 


Before leaving he turned around, “Do you need anything before I turn in for the night?”


“Yes, could I please have something to drink?  I’m very thirsty.”


“Sure, I’ll get you a glass of ice tea.  Would that be okay?”


“Thank you.”


Shale brought her a large glass of ice tea which she drank up quickly.  He waited until she finished so he could take the glass back.  He didn’t trust her with anything.  He walked out of the room with a grin on his face.


She was sitting up on the bed when suddenly she was very dizzy, nauseated and was having difficulty moving her arms and legs.  He must have put something in her tea.  She fell back on the bed, her eyes were open, but she couldn’t move.  She blacked out.  Shale went in to check on her to see if the drug took effect.  He could tell she had blacked out and was tempted to finish what he started yesterday but it wouldn’t be any fun if she didn’t fight back.




Shale went to Janet’s room at 0600 the next morning.  He went over to the bed and rubbed her cheek.  She stirred and opened her eyes.  She was very frightened when she saw him standing over her.  She couldn’t remember anything at all from last night. 


“What did you give me,” she asked groggily.  She was barely able to sit up and was confused as to where she was.  She felt like she was drunk.


“A drug to ‘relax’ you,” he told her.  “We’re going to meet the admiral this morning and I don’t trust you.”


“I need to use the bathroom,” she told him as she tried to get up but sat back down.


“Let me help you.”


He undid the handcuffs, helped her get up off the bed and walked her to the bathroom.  She managed to use the facilities and leaned on the sink to wash up.  He sat on the bed waiting for her to finish with a huge smile on his face.  He enjoyed watching her struggle.


He walked her back and re-handcuffed her to the bed.  He left her to give Bert and Clyde some final instructions before they left to meet the admiral.


“I’m going to give you each a syringe when we get to the wharf.  If I suspect trouble, I will signal you to inject Mrs. Crane with the syringe.  You both will need to inject her at the same time.”


“What’s in the syringe?” Bert asked.


“Enough morphine to kill her.”




Lee didn’t get much sleep.  He laid on the couch until 0200 and fell asleep for a couple of hours.  He hoped they would be able to get Janet away from the kidnappers.  He got showered and dressed in his office again.  He made his coffee and breakfast, he hated eating alone.  It was only 0500 when he left for work.


He went to his office, made some coffee, took a cup back to his office and sat in the dark.  He was worried Janet would get hurt or killed.


Chip came in an hour later and saw that Lee’s car was in his parking place but he didn’t see him anywhere.  He called down to Seaview.


“Security, Dale speaking.”


“Dale, its Mr. Morton.  Is Captain Crane aboard Seaview?”


“No sir, I haven’t seen him and I’ve been here since last night.”


“Thanks.  If he comes down there in the next few minutes, please give me a call.”


“Yes, sir.”


Chip disconnected the call and wondered where he was.  He looked in Janet’s office, he wasn’t in there and it was in the same condition it was when she left.  Taking a chance he was in his office sitting in the dark, he knocked on the door.


“What,” he snapped.


“Lee, can I come in?”


“Sorry Chip. Come on in.”


“Why are you sitting in the dark?  Did you know Janet does the same thing when you’re gone only she wraps your coat around her?”


“I don’t know why I’m sitting in the dark.  Only I don’t have anything of hers to wrap around me,” he grinned slightly.


Chip went over to the light switch and turned it on.  He could see his ‘bro’ was very tired and worried.  Hopefully it would be over today.


“Chip, you know what to do when we’re at the fountain?” Lee asked.


“Yes Lee.  I won’t take any chances on getting Janet hurt.”


“Thanks for helping out.”


“Lee you know I would do anything for you and her.”


Chip left Lee alone in his office.  He got a cup of coffee and went to his.  He was actually looking forward to working with Julie.


The admiral, Wanda and Angie came in thirty minutes later. Riley had picked up both Angie and Wanda today.


Kowalski stopped by a few minutes later with Patterson.  Jamie had released him from Med Bay yesterday sending him home to rest.  But when he found out that the skipper and admiral were meeting the kidnappers today he wanted to be there to help.


Kowalski went over the Lee when he came out for another cup of coffee. 


“Skipper, let me help you today.  I owe those guys big time.”


“Ski, not this time.  The fewer people there the better besides that they might recognize you.”


“Aye sir. But if you need me I’ll be on Seaview today.”


“Does Doc know you’re on duty?” Lee asked with a wry grin.


“No, I’m supposed to be at home resting but I can’t stay away.”


“Alright Ski, I won’t tell him,” Lee said squeezing his shoulder.





Lee, Chip and the admiral left the institute 0700 for the thirty minute drive to the fountain at the wharf.  The admiral had the plans rolled up in a tube.  Lee and Chip each had their guns in the jackets.  They found a parking space on the street facing the beach not too far from the entrance to the wharf.  They saw Aaron and Julie across the street at a convenient store waiting for them.


“Admiral, Lee, everybody is in place. I have a sharpshooter in the buildings on each side of the fountain and several police officers dressed as maintenance men that will be in the area. Unless we have a clear shot, we will not shoot.  Right now the fountain area isn’t too busy but who knows what will happen in the next few minutes.  Good luck.”


“You too Aaron,” Lee answered as he and the admiral walked to the fountain. The admiral dug in his pocket and threw a quarter in the fountain.  Lee noticed what he had done.


“Why did you throw a quarter in there?”


“For luck.”


Chip and Julie had walked ahead of them and stopped at the front of the fountain where they were taking pictures of the fountain and each other.  They seemed to be really enjoying themselves Lee noted as he watched them.





Shale, Bert and Clyde went to the room to get Janet.  She was barely awake and had a hard time walking to the car so Clyde picked her up and carried her.  They waited for Mr. Shale as he filled the two syringes and put them in his briefcase.  He would give them the syringes when they got to the wharf.


Shale got in the back seat next to Janet while Bert got in the driver’s seat.  Clyde was too big to drive the car.  He barely fit in the front.  Mr. Shale held her hand while they drove to the wharf.




The men holding Janet found the wharf and fountain and waited in the car until it was time to leave. Shale could see the admiral was there along with Lee.  He was not happy to see Lee was there.  Shale handed Bert and Clyde the syringes with the morphine reminding them he would let them know when to use it. 


At precisely 8:00, Shale along with Bert, Clyde and Janet walked in from the west side of the park to the back of the fountain closer to the entrance to the wharf.  Janet was practically being carried by Bert and Clyde.


“Admiral, something’s wrong with Janet.  She looks like she’s drunk,” Lee said worriedly as they walked up to the fountain.


“Take it easy Lee,” the admiral replied calmly.


“Admiral Nelson you were told to come alone.  What’s Commander Crane doing here?”


“Mr. Shale you are holding his wife.  He just wanted to make sure she was safe.  What have you done to her?”


“Admiral I don’t trust you or her so she’s been given a drug to ‘relax’ her.  She’s quite feisty.”


The admiral and Lee both noticed he had a nice purple bruise on his jaw.  Lee looked at Janet again; she could barely stand and looked confused.  He wanted to go over to her but the admiral put his hand on his arm.


“Easy son,” he said softly, “We’ll get her.”


“Yes Commander, take it easy,” Shale taunted, “Bert and Clyde here have two syringes filled with 100 mg each of morphine.  They will inject her if I suspect anyone is going to interfere with me.  That’s enough morphine to kill her.  Do I make myself clear?  Give me the plans and I’ll check them out before I turn over Mrs. Crane.” 


“Yes Mr. Shale,” the admiral replied handing him the tube with the plans in it.


Shale walked to a nearby table, pulled the plans out of the tube and sat down going over all the pages.  There weren’t too many people standing near the fountain.  But there were enough people around that the admiral and Lee knew there was no way they would be able to take a shot at Shale or the other two men. 


Janet was very confused as Bert and Clyde held her up.   She thought she saw Chip and Julie by the fountain taking pictures. She saw Lee and the admiral but couldn’t understand why Lee didn’t come and get her.


“Admiral, you’re not dealing with an amateur as I can see there are a few important components missing from these plans. I guess our deal is off.  Bert, Clyde, you know what to do.”


As Bert and Clyde were going to inject Janet with the morphine two shots rang out and caught each one of them in the hand forcing them to drop the syringes.  When Lee heard the shots he ran over to Shale and tackled him to the ground pressing his gun into his back.   The admiral ran over to Janet who had fallen to the ground and wrapped his arms around her to protect her. 


“What did you give her,” Lee yelled as he pressed his gun deeper into his back.


“Rohypnol,” he sneered,


Lee paled when he heard that.  He was afraid of what he had done to her.


Julie and Chip ran over to Lee and Shale.  Chip knowing Lee as well as he did could see he was on the verge of losing it.


“Lee, let him go,” Chip ordered grabbing him by the arm, “Lee now.”


Lee took his gun out of his back.  Julie slapped the handcuffs on Shale as Aaron came up to them.  Chip and Lee went over to the admiral who still had his arms around Janet.  Chip helped him up while Lee knelt along side Janet as she laid on the ground. 


“Sweetie, are you okay,” Lee asked worriedly.


“I think so. I just don’t remember too much.  What happened?” she replied confused and shakily sat up.


“Aaron, I’ve got to get Janet to Med Bay.  He gave her Rohypnol.  Jamie needs to check her out.”


“Okay Lee, I’ll check in with you later.  I’ll have Julie and police officer go with you as an escort. Lee, you need to have Jamie do a rape kit on her in case she was assaulted.  We need to have someone there to keep the evidence clean.”


“I know Aaron,” Lee replied dejectedly knowing that Rohypnol was a date rape drug.


Lee carried Janet to the car and put her in the back seat. She was still a little sleepy.  The admiral and Chip jumped into the front and followed police escort and Julie to the institute.  The admiral called Med Bay to alert them they were on their way.


Med Bay,” Nurse Betty answered.


“Betty, Nelson here.  Where’s Dr. Jamieson?”


“He’s in his office. Hold on sir.”


“Yes Harry.”


“Jamie we’re bringing Janet in right now.  We should be there in ten minutes.”


“What’s wrong Harry?” he asked as he could tell by the tone of his voice there was problem.


“He gave her Rohypnol.”


“Damn.  We’ll be ready for her.”




They stopped in front of Med Bay where Jamie and Betty were waiting with a gurney for Janet.  Chip gently took her from Lee and laid her on the gurney. As they wheeled Janet into Med Bay; Lee, the admiral, Chip, and Julie followed them inside.  The police officer waited outside for Julie to return.


“Please stay out here while we examine her,” he told Lee.




“No Lee, you need to stay here and you know why I can’t let you in there.”


Betty, Julie and Jamie took the gurney into the examination room.  Jamie got out the rape kit.  He kept one in stock just in case something would happen at the institute.  He hoped he would never have to use it.


“Jamie, please tell me what’s going on?” Janet asked wanting to know what was happening.


Jamie replied softly, “Shale gave you a drug called Rohypnol.  It’s a date rape drug.  I have to examine you to see if you were assaulted.”


“Okay Jamie.”


Janet lay on the bed while Jamie examined her and thought as tears ran down her cheeks, what if Lee doesn’t want me anymore because of this.  Betty saw her tears, took her hand, gave it a gentle squeeze and didn’t let it go.  Julie took her other hand and held it until Jamie was done.


“Betty, take this to the lab for Frank to analyze.  I want the results right away,” Jamie ordered as Julie followed Betty to the lab.


Jamie helped Janet sit up and saw tears streaming down her face.


“I’m sorry but it had to be done.”


“I know,” she replied.  He put his arms around her as she cried.  After a few minutes, she wiped away her tears and looked at Jamie. “Sorry I didn’t mean to fall apart like that.”


“It’s okay.  You’ve been through quite an ordeal.  I would be worried if you didn’t ‘fall apart’.”


 “Janet,” Jamie asked, “do you remember when he gave you the drug or anything else?”


“It was around 10:00 last night.  The dinner they gave me was very salty and I was thirsty so when he came in to check on me I asked for something to drink.  He gave me a glass of ice tea.  Shouldn’t I have tasted something in the tea?  About ten minutes later I was dizzy, nauseated and I couldn’t move.  That’s the last thing I remember.”


“No Rohypnol is tasteless but they have added dyes to the pills so you can see it in clear liquids but in ice tea you never would have seen it.  Are you hurt anywhere else?”


“Just my hand, I punched Mr. Shale in the face trying to escape.”


Jamie took her hand and looked at it.


“I don’t think it’s broke, but I’ll x-ray it to make sure.  I think you better have Lee show you how to throw a punch.  This is the second time you’ve hurt your hand punching someone,” he told her with a wry grin.


“Or maybe I just should stay out of situations where I need to punch someone,” she replied with a slight smile.


The phone rang and Janet jumped about two feet off the bed.  Jamie walked over to the phone and answered it on the second ring. 


“Thanks Frank,” Jamie said and hung up the phone.  He walked over to Janet and took her hand in his. “You weren’t assaulted.”


“Thanks Jamie,” she told him as tears welled up in her eyes.  This time they were tears of relief.


“I better tell Lee before he wears a path in my floor,” Jamie said as he noticed him pacing in the hallway.




Lee paced outside the examination room waiting for some word from Jamie. He saw Betty and Julie go to the lab.  Betty came back to the hallway where Lee, Chip and the admiral were waiting. Julie had to stay in the lab until Frank was done analyzing the test in case it showed Janet was assaulted.  If it did, she would need to take it back to the station.


What seemed to be an eternity, Jamie finally came out to talk to them.  Lee ran over to him.


“She wasn’t assaulted and the drug should be out of her system in a couple of hours or so.  He gave it to her about 2000 hours last night and it only stays in your system for twenty four hours. But I don’t know the dosage so it might be longer.”


They all breathed a sigh of relief.  Julie called Aaron and told him the results.  She and the police officer would return to the police station to help Aaron with the investigation. Shale still could be charged with giving Janet the drug.


 “Lee, she’ll be okay once the drug is out of her system,” Jamie assured him. 


“Can I see her,” Lee asked running his hand through his hair.


“Yes, but then I need to x-ray her hand.”


Lee went into the room and saw Janet laying in the bed with her eyes closed.


“Sweetie,” he said softly. 


She opened her eyes when he came into the room.  He went to her and gave her a kiss and hug.  She clung to him tightly as she hugged him back. 


“Are you okay?” he asked while she clung to him.  Jamie said you need an x-ray on your hand.”


Lee picked up her hand saw that is was swollen and black and blue.


“Is that why Shale’s jaw was bruised?  You hit him?”


“I punched as hard as I could and tried to run away but Clyde blocked the door.”


“Nice try anyway,” he told her kissing her hand.


Jamie and Betty came back and took her to have her hand x-rayed.




While Janet went to have her hand x-rayed, Lee went back to the waiting room to talk to the admiral and Chip.


“Thanks Chip for stopping me back at the fountain. I almost shot him in the back. So much for my ONI training but when he told me he gave Janet Rohypnol, I just lost it.”


“I knew you were on the edge, so I figured I better intervene.  That’s what ‘brothers’ do,” Chip told him patting on the shoulder.  


The admiral could see relief in the face of his ‘son’.  He also was relieved that everything turned out for the good.  Must have been the quarter he threw in the fountain for luck, he thought.


“Since Janet’s going to be gone for awhile, I could sure use a cup of Cookie’s coffee and I’m sure you need

one too.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.  I’ll let Angie and Wanda know that Janet is here.” Chip said.


“Thanks Chip.  Since he doesn’t have anything stronger, coffee will have to do.  Could you also let Kowalski know Janet is here?  He’s very upset and I told him I would let him when we got her.  He should be on Seaview.”


“Yes, I’ll let him and the rest of them know she’s in Med Bay.


Lee saw Betty bringing Janet back from x-ray and held the door open for her as she pushed the gurney back into the room Jamie followed behind looking at the x-ray of Janet’s hand while he walked.


He saw Lee holding the door so he went in followed by Lee and the admiral.


“No broken bones; but it is badly bruised.  I’ll have to wrap it up.”


“Will she be able to go home today?”


“Lee, I would like her to stay here tonight.  Her blood pressure is low plus she might be nauseated tomorrow. Both are side effects of the drug.  Let me see how she is.”




Chip came back with coffee for all of them and a sandwich for himself. He was hungry as usual. As they sat there drinking the coffee, Aaron knocked on the door.


“Hi Aaron,” Lee said opening the door.


“Okay to come in and talk to you and Janet?”


Lee looked at Janet and she shook her head that it was okay for him to come and talk to her.


“How are you doing?” Aaron asked with concern.


“I’ve been better.”


“Alright if I ask you some questions?”


“Yes, Aaron.  I’ll tell you whatever I remember.”


“How did you get the drug?”


Janet recounted to Aaron what she had told Jamie when he asked her what had happened.


“Aaron, isn’t Rohypnol illegal in the US?” Lee asked.


“Yes it is.  But since he’s from the Middle East, he had access to it.”


“Thanks Janet. That’s all I have for now.  You will have to come to the station for an official statement but it can wait until you feel better.  I’m glad everything worked out okay.”


“Me too and I will be there in a couple of days.”


“What about Bert and Clyde, are they alright,” Lee asked.


“Yes, they were taken to the hospital, patched up and then to jail.  Shale is in jail right now being held on kidnapping charges among others yet to be determined.  Bert told us where they held Janet and we’ve checked out the rooms.  The only items we found were the empty vials of morphine.”


“Aaron, please thank the two sharpshooters.  They did a fantastic job,” Lee commented.  He’d been in situations similar to this one and knew what a difficult shot they had to make.


“Thanks Lee, I’ll tell Connor.  He’s the second best sharpshooter we have.”


“Who’s the first,” Lee asked.




Smiling Lee said, “Thanks again for all your help.”


“No problem Lee.  Can you please do me a favor...stay out of trouble?” Aaron teased.


“We’ll try,” Lee replied with a smile as he shook his hand and walked him out the door.


Aaron left the institute for the police station to help Julie with the paperwork. 




Lee went back to Janet’s room and sat down next to the bed.  Chip and the admiral were still there.  There was a knock on the door and Angie and Wanda poked their heads in.


“Can we come in?” Wanda asked.


“Sure,” Janet answered.  “I’m glad to see you both.”


“We’re glad you’re okay,” Angie told her.  “Did they get them?”


“Yes they got all three of them.  You won’t need the bodyguards any more,” the admiral said to them.


“I kind of liked being chauffeured around,” Angie replied with a slight grin.


Janet started yawning so they knew it was time to go.  They left the room just as Kowalski and the rest of the ‘bodyguards’ were coming in the door to Med Bay.  He knocked on the door to Janet’s room.


“Come in,” Lee said.


Kowalski stuck his head in the door, “Okay if I come in with the rest of the guys?  We just want to make sure Mrs. Crane was okay.”


“Come in Ski,” Janet told him.  “How are you...what happened to your head...sorry you got hurt.”


“I’m fine Mrs. C.  Just a few stitches.  I’m sorry I let you get kidnapped.  I never saw the guy open the car door.”


“Ski, it wasn’t your fault.  I didn’t see the door either.  Are you sure you’re alright.  That gash looks pretty bad.”


“I’ve had worse.  I better go before Doc sees me.  I’m supposed to be resting.”


“Glad you’re doing okay,” Sharkey said while Patterson and Riley nodded in agreement.


“We’ll see you later,” Kowalski said as they left.


“Resting?” Janet asked, “How badly was he hurt?”


“He had a concussion and should be at home resting but he was on Seaview working.  He was waiting to hear how you were.  I told him I wouldn’t let Jamie find out.”


“I wouldn’t find out what?” Jamie wanted to know as he walked in the door.


“Nothing important,” Lee said with a smile.


“Well, you all need to leave.  Janet needs to rest.  I’m going to make her stay here tonight.  If her blood pressure is back to normal, she’s not nauseated or has any other side effects from the drug, I will let her go home tomorrow.  No work tomorrow and maybe the next day too.”


“Jamie,” Janet started to protest but he didn’t let her finish.


“I can make you stay tomorrow too.” he threatened.


“Okay tonight,” she agreed reluctantly.  “Can Lee stay a little longer?”


“Yes just a little while more.  Chip and Harry, you need to leave.” Jamie ordered.


“Yes sir,” they smiled.


They each gave Janet a kiss good bye. 


“Thank you,” she told them after she kissed each one of them back.


The admiral was going back to his office to contact Admiral Johnson.  Chip was going home to make a phone call.  He got Julie’s number and was going to ask her out on a date.




The admiral called Johnson the minute he walked in his office.




“Gerald, its Harry.  Reno Shale and his two men Bert and Clyde have been caught and are at the Santa Barbara police department.  You can call Aaron Thompson he’s the detective in charge of the case.  You two can fight it out whose going to charge them and the charges.”


“Thanks for the update Harry.  We’ll figure out who’s got jurisdiction on this but I’m pretty sure the government will take them into their custody.  Is Janet alright?”


“Yes, Shale drugged her with a date rape drug Rohypnol and she has a bruised hand from punching him trying to escape.”


“I’m sorry to hear that,” Johnson sighed deeply, “Everything come out okay?”


“Yes.  She’ll be home tomorrow.  Bye Gerald.”


The admiral hung up the phone before Johnson could respond.  He hoped he didn’t have to talk to him anytime soon.  The admiral made one more call before going home.


“Security, Rivers,”


“Hank, how’s the fence project going?”


“Hi Harry, how’s Mrs. Crane.”


“She’s doing fine.”


“Glad to hear that.  The fence has been taken care of.  We didn’t make the current too strong so it won’t hurt any animals but it’s strong enough to let someone know they won’t be able to cut the fence.  I know Mrs. Crane will want to walk out there soon.”


“Thanks Hank for doing this and yes, she’ll be out there walking soon if Lee lets her out of his sight.”


“Good night, Harry.”


The admiral hung up the phone satisfied he has made his institute a little safer.  He took his briefcase from his desk, turned off the light in his office and left for home.  It had been a very long day.




Lee was sitting by his wife’s bed holding her hand.  He didn’t want to leave her alone even though Jamie told him he had to go. 


“I missed you,” he told her as he rubbed her hand, “I never realized how hard it was to be home alone not knowing if you would return.  I now know how you must feel when I’m gone on a mission.”


“It’s hard to be there alone but I know you’ll be back.”


Lee looking at Janet saw something else was bothering her and knew what it was without asking. It was the only thing they hadn’t talked about.


“Lee, would you still have wanted me if Shale had assaulted me?”


“Sweetheart, I would never leave you.  You had no control over what happened. I love you and will always love you.”


“Thank you.  I love you too,” she told him tears welling up in her eyes.


He got up and gave her a long kiss and hug.  She returned his kiss and hug not wanting to let him go.  He yawned as he sat down. 


“Lee, why don’t you go home?  I can see you’re exhausted.”


“No, I’m staying here. I’ve had a lot of experience sleeping in a chair,” he told her as he took her hand in his.


“But Jamie’s going to send you home.” 


“No I have a plan,” he told her as he whispered it in her ear.


Janet closed her eyes while Lee sat in the chair ‘asleep’.


Jamie came in to check on Janet before he left for the day and saw Lee sitting asleep in the chair.  Shaking his head, he closed the door and went down to the desk where John would be on duty tonight.  Since Janet had to stay overnight someone needed to be on duty just in case there was a problem.


“They’re asleep,” Jamie told John with a grin.  He knew Lee well enough to know he wasn’t asleep but decided to let him stay anyway.  After what they had been through today, they needed to be together.




“Yes, Captain Crane is still with her.  He’s sleeping so I’m going to leave him there for the night.  Don’t worry about checking on her, she should be okay for the night.  Her vitals were good the last time I checked.  You’re going to be pretty bored here.  Sorry you have to stay but its regulations.”


“No problem. I see there’s filing to do and there’s always late night television.” John laughed.  “Good night Doc. You look like you need a good’s night sleep too.”


“Yes, it’s been a long day.  See you in the morning.”


Jamie turned down the lights in the hallway, smiling as he walked out the door. 




Opening her eyes and looking at her husband, Janet asked with a grin, “Is he gone?”


“He’s gone for the night.  I saw him turn down the lights in the hallway.” Lee answered knowing the routine in Med Bay having spent enough time there, “Let me see if there’s someone at the desk.”


Lee got up and opened the door slightly to see John sitting at the desk with his back to their room.


“John’s here but I’m sure he won’t bother us.”


“Well, what are you waiting for?”


Lee climbed into bed with Janet, they won’t be able to fool around, but he wrapped his arm around her as she snuggled up to him.  Within in minutes both were sound asleep.





The End.






*SING-solar plexus-instep-nose-groin used in self-defense