From: The Office of the Cyber-Micro Alliance, Inc.
To: Our Microchip Agents in the field.

Re: Seaview Stories Website

Victory is ours! We scattered double images from the housekeeper
right onto the main page, visible to all! We could hear the anguished
and terrified screeches of Catfish ( good grief, we all know her name
is Carol Foss, why does she insist on the silly 'handle'...must be a
human thing).

The mermaid image she replaced the flying sub with bounced all over
the place, squished and squashed, with housekeeping boxes overlaying
and underlying and dancing all over the page preventing it from
being readable. It prevented her for more than 20, count ém, 20
minutes to catch the housekeeper box she needed to stop so she could
delete the moving program...oh it was good to see a human squirm,
thinking she'd lost any semblance of order on her page, and that
she'd have to start all over again...and it's doubtful she'll ever
use one of those special 'design' programs again.

Though the fates intervened, (we may have a mole in our midst)and
somehow the html box she needed opened for her to cause the bouncing
housekeeper files to stop and come to order, we have still achieved a
great victory in upsetting this human once again!

A victory celebration will be held tonight. All microchips are
invited. A fine Silicon Shrub will be served to be followed by
eating any unsaved files on Microsoft and...wait...what's that?
AGGHHHHG!!!Run, run for your life! He's here! He's here...Super-

From: Super Cyberman
To: All cyberprisoners
You are encased in my special force field. You may have won a battle
or two, but not the war. I've been hired by Catfish to defend her
frontier. Don't laugh. It's not my fault I have to wear this silly
cape and mask, I will stand guard. Seaview Stories is safe now, isn't
it Catfish...catfish?