Preliminary Costume Party VIP  RSVP List/Special Arrangements


Harmon, Betty (Miss)

Make reservations for round trip airline tickets and hotel accomodations for two weeks, including area and distant attractions. All expenses to be charged to VIP account.

Obtain all Seaview signatures for special presentation by Capt. Crane and Adm. Nelson.

Ask  if  NIMR employees can sign the document as well.


     Yes, of course my dear, anyone who wishes to be included  may sign. HN.

Don't forget to include Chief Sharkey to represent the crew at the presentation. L. Crane.


Bryce, Ellen (Dr.)

Make reservations for hotel accomodations. Charge to petty cash.

Reserve the best suite at the Seacliff Bed & Breakfast for the entire weekend. HN.

  Charge to N. personal account.


Starke, Jiggs (Adm.)

Make reservations for hotel accomodations. Charge to petty cash.

        Hilton, one week, with a bar cash voucher for up

          to $1,000 for the weekend.

And a round trip airline ticket. Charge to my personal account.   HN



Park, Roy (Adm.)

Make reservations for hotel accomodations. Charge to petty cash.

        Hilton okay but not same room as Starke. Charge to my personal account. HN.

     PS. Better give him a $1,000 bar voucher as well. He'll be arriving in San Diego for an official function so will only need transportation here and back for the weekend. Use the motor pool's best staff car.


? Maria (Miss)

Get surname, address, and phone number from Capt. Crane. Need more info.

She likes to keep her last name annoymous. I'll take care of contacting her and all the other details for the arrangements. L. Crane

 If confirmed, charge to VIP account. Round trip tickets, one week all expenses paid vacation. HN




Gounaris, Molina (Miss)

Is this the correct spelling of both names? Need address, phone number.

     Let me make that call, but plan on round trip air fare from the Greecian isles. Charge to my personal account. I'll make all the accomodation arrangements as well as any other details.

L. Crane 

        Ps. Both names are spelled correctly.



Penfield, Tippy (Miss)

          Is that her real name?

     Just send the invite. Charge any of the weekend's  expenses to petty cash, including a hotel, as she may be only able to visit as a layover. H.N.

      Really? Who'd have thought it? L. Crane.

Get your mind out of the gutter Captain. You know damn well that's not what I meant! H.N. (as in the 'Boss'.)

   Yikes! Does that mean I don't get to borrow the Flying Sub on a Saturday Night? L.

       Gentlemen, do you mind not cluttering up my worksheet with your petty squabbles and joking? Hmm? Pretty Please? Sirs?

  Well, Lee started it. H. But I won't digress further.

Ah, gee, just when things were starting to look up...oops, sorry. L. :  )))

Lee- cease and desist. H.

I live to obey. Sorry Ang. Sorry Sir, but you have to admit it was funny. L.

Next time I'm going to ask Chip to help me! Now, return my worksheet and  oh, never mind!


Fraser, Patrick (Ensign)

          NIMR Guest Suite A.

          Round trip air fare.


Jones, 'Curley' (Chief (Ret.))

          NIMR Guest Suite B.

          Round trip air fare.

                   Add $500  bar voucher for 'Pirate Pete's Bar & Grill. HN






Wilson, Fred (Dr.)

          NIMR Guest Suite

          Round Trip air fare

          Reserve Fishing Boat for Sat. AM.

          Just tell him not to come to the party as a giant squid!

Lee  C.    : )

You should talk, I've seen your costume! H.


Katie , 'Agent'

          Round trip air fare. Hotel accomodations for weekend.

Make that for a week. L. Crane


Kachmar, Diane (Ms )  

          Round trip air fare. Hotel accomodations for weekend.

    I think I recognise this name. Check with Capt. Crane to see if she's one of the ringleaders of the covert group called the 'hens'.HN

Sure is. Use caution , esp. since they're on our   side. L.Crane

Ps. They like me wayyy too much! They ruffle my hair and everything.

          What do you mean by 'everthing'? I hope you haven't forgotten  the NIMR/ Seaview rules of engagement. H.N.

Oh that word! No,no, no! I'm not ready to tie the knot. Besides this one is already married. Whew. Reprieved.


Kite, Sue (Ms)

          Round trip air fare. Hotel accomodations for weekend.

   Alert security. This  is one of the hens too!. Make sure they don't congregate at the party or things could really get out of control. L. Crane

          Relax, Lee. I checked her dosier, she's married too. In fact, I'm sure you'll enjoy chatting with her. Even dancing. She's quite good at it I understand.


Lin (Ms)

          Round trip air fare. Hotel accomodations for weekend.

   Another hen! Now, I'm becoming concerned. Just who invited these agents? HN.

              I met the hens at a convention. I think you're all taking this way out of proportian. They're all sweet 'past it' type ladies. Cut them a little slack. Lola.



Q, Kim (Ms.)

          Round trip air fare.  Hotel accomodations for weekend.

I'll take care of Agent Kim's arrangements personally. Chip.

PS. And they're NOT 'past it'!

But Chip, she's one of the hens! You're in mortal danger! Don't even get close to her! Lee

                   So what's she going to do? I don't mind if she ruffles my hair, unlike you, I think it's kind of sweet. And sexy. Chip

           But he's right, lad. Once one of these hens get's their talons in you, you're lost. H.

       Well, some of us like being 'lost' for awhile. Chip.


Foss, Carol (Miss)

          Round trip air fare.Hotel accomodations for weekend.

Aggh! Not the 'Catfish'!  Doomed. We're all doomed! We'll spend the entire party with her drooling all over us! L.

          Maybe the Admiral can invent some kind of  drool repelent we can put on our costumes. Or hair. Or other stuff. Chip.

              Not enough time. Unless you want to start sporting adverse reactions to an untried formula, like     skin rashes, etc. H.

               I'll try it! Might even scare her and all her fellow hen's away. L.


Gentlemen, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

These are sweet old gals and they wouldn't harm a fea let alone lure you to some dark corner just to smooch! What egos you have!  

You three seem to think that you're  all that these highly intelligent and respected women can think of!  Well, I'm sure you'll be very embarrassed when you find all they want to talk about with you are the latest in the Admiral's revised designs. Now, if you're all quite finished with my notes, I have to make some final preparations...


Angie? Just how does one become a 'hen' anyway. I think I'd like to join. Tish.