Cards on the Table



“Why do we always have to wait for Van Wyck?”  Gerhard Kruger shuffled his cards, not liking what he had been dealt. 

“He knows by now he has to show up.  It’s the rules.”


Edward Teach shrugged.  “It has something to do with his curse.   Hold yer water.  He’ll get here.”


Kruger glowered and then threw his cards down on the table.  “I don’t like these cards.  Use another deck.”


Seamus O’Hara Nelson shook his head.   “If you can’t trust us, laddie, who can you trust?”


Teach smirked.  “I’m a thinkin’ he don’t want to go back a third time, Seamus.”


Nelson shrugged. “It’s not up to me.  The Cards will decide who goes.  I, for one, would not mind another

visit with my Harry.”


“He did not want you any more than Crane wanted me, so don’t think your return would be any more

welcome than mine!”  Kruger got up and began to pace.


“Stop being a killjoy!”  Teach turned away from the table.  “It’s done.  And tonight is when we decide which

one of us goes this year.”


At that moment Van Wyck materialized.   “Good evening, Gentlemen.   Shall we begin?”


“Gerhard?”  Nelson gestured to his now empty chair.


Kruger came back and sat down.   Nelson was right; there was no way to cheat.  If it fell to him again,

he would have to go.   At least he’d have something to do for Halloween.



The End?