Rev #2

by Philippa Timms.

"Mom, I'm telling you that Admiral Nelson has an affinity with the oceans." Lee Crane told her as sat opposite her eating a pile of his favourite waffles. He had always declared that only she could make them right. This was the first time that he had time to visit her since taking up the post of Captain of the submarine Seaview and was making the most of her home cooking. "I'm even sure that it's rubbing off on me somehow."

With just one look Mrs Crane could see from the gleam in her son's eyes that he had totally relaxed into his new job and loved every minute of life at the Nelson Institute. She had been worried when she had heard that Nelson had pulled him out of the regular navy, but soon found that he fears had been unfounded. However from what Lee was telling her she wondered if his friend Chip Morton was going to survive the experience.

"Did you know I've even convinced Chip that I've suddenly become more marine-researchey. About two days ago to be precise." Said Lee with a wry smile on his face as he took another bite. His Mom knew that look.

"And just what have you told poor old Chip this time?"

"Well he kept on going on about his new pet goldfish. The one that he keeps on his Institute desk since Admiral Nelson had told him that he should brighten up his office. I thought he would buy a plant. But then he came back with a gold-fish."

"The one that Angie baby-sits for when you're at sea?"

"The one and the same."

"Has he given the poor thing a name. The last time you wrote he had refused to give the poor thing a name until he could determine if it was male or female."

"Well as it was the beginning of April. I thought I would tell him the fish would tell me it's name, all that I would have to do was ask. That all you had to do was to look deeply into it's bowl when asking."

"And it told you it's name?"

"Sure did."

"So what's Chip now calling it, Lee?"

"Well Bob of course mom. Just as all goldfish'll tell you. You should have seen his face when I told him." Said Lee in between mouthfuls. "A picture is worth a thousand words..I wish I had a camera, when I told him that all goldfish'll tell you the same thing...." Lee trailed off "Well you should have been there, mom."

"I'm sure that Chip'll get you back next April 1st Lee."

"Now that's something I'm counting on Mom."