All in a Afternoon


Leigh Holman

Lee sat at the table in the Seaview's nose digging through the documents before him. "Where is it?" he asked out loud.

"Where's what?" Chip asked as he entered with a cup of coffee in his hand. "Want some coffee?" He had snagged a lone donut from the open Dunkin Donut box.

Lee shook his head 'no' as he continued to dig through the papers. "It was just here!" he moaned. "I know that I had itů three sheets of blue paper stapled together."

"Three sheets?" Chip asked as he started helping with the search. He started to bite into the donut, but stopped as he realized how hard it was.

"Yes, three sheets." Lee asked, growing a bit more irritated.

Chip looked up smiling, "What's those blue papers on the chair?" He looked at the donut and asked, "How old are these things?"

"Really old," Lee looked at his side, seeing the missing document folded neatly

in the chair beside him. "Thanks!" He added the missing document to the stack before him. Picking up the large dark colored rock, he sat it on top of the papers.

"Where did you get the rock?" Chip asked looking at the object.

"It was here when I came in," Lee said as he picked it up and looked at it. "It's just an old rock."

"You obviously don't know what you are talking about, Captain!" Nelson laughed as he entered the nose area of the submarine. "This," he said picking up the rock, "could revolutionize the use of optic fibers. It may possibility speed up communications by 50%."

Lee looked back over at the rock, "Really?"

"Yes," Nelson answered. He looked at his watch, "Did you finish that report I wanted." He shook his hand then held his wrist up to his ear, listening to the watch, "Blasted watch is broken."

"Well, you men look like you have everything under control," Chip stated rising from the chair. "Bobby has just come on duty and I have some reading to do."

"Another technical manual?" Lee asked, smiling at his friend.

Chip smiled back, "Yeah, you could say thatů the complete works of Sherlock Holmes. I'll see you laterů have fun with your rock, Lee."