Lee, I realize you are still new to Seaview, but when I said to escort our guest home, I didn't mean to include dinner and a movie!

I realize that you are a normal, healthy male, but as captain of the boat, you must maintain at least the appearance of self control, in spite of a brave and beautiful woman.

The men were increasingly hyper and seeing you with Melina in a wetsuit was bad enough, but giving her a jumpsuit, which you know is not exactly designed for the female torso, only increased the tension aboard. You could have at least insured it was an extra large instead of belonging to 'sea scout smitty' form our last jamboree. I realize of course that you never even considered it, as you were simply enjoying her company.

But, I do believe you enjoyed her company a bit too much. I have in front of me a bill for Guisseppe's. Now, I don't object to pizza, but wine? A nice little snack is appropriate after a trying experience, but a candlelight dinner while your crew is waiting for you to come back? They were imagining all sorts of things!

Lee, while I know you respect your crew and would nothing to harm them, the raging hormones of the men had me worried they'd jump ship, race ashore, and cause all sorts of trouble. Almost half of the crew wee topside with binoculars and spotlights trying to spot pretty girls and we had to isolate four men for drooling on the deck!

As a boat's master, several times over, surely you realize the risk you put your men in. Not to mention my bank account, had they resorted to desertion. Now, you also realize that while our mission was accomplished, we still have a schedule to maintain, and you blatantly ignored it.

Really Lee, I know I told you we were not Navy, but that doesn't give you 'carte blanche'.

Now that you've been duly chastised, please join me for a nightcap in the nose, and tell me all about Miss Gounaris and your plans to help her set up a new scuba business.

PS She is lovely, isn't she.


ssrn seaview

inter-ship memo

to:Adm. Nelson

from: L. Crane


My apologies for the delay of Seaview's departure for our next operation and the unintentional negative effect on crew discipline caused by the brief presence of Miss Gounaris aboard ship. And as far as Smitty's jumper, that was the only item of clothing in ship's stores which was available and even came close to her size. At least as far as I was able to find.

I do realize that I took an inordinate amount of time escorting Miss Gounaris home. However, it seemed prudent to remain long enough to tie up any remaining loose ends from the Zeraff affair including A: determining that none of Mr. Zeraff's operatives were still at large, and B: determining beyond doubt Miss Gounaris' innocence of culpability in Zeraff's plans.

The dinner and movie were necessary to place Miss Gounaris in a relaxed state of mind and to allay any suspicions to facilitate my interrogation of her. I can report that after an intense and probing interview, Melina Gounaris' innocence in this affair is certain. And while five hours may have seemed an unusual length of time to detain her, I deemed it necessary in the interests of global security to determine beyond doubt that she was concealing nothing. Fortunately, she proved most cooperative in all aspects of the interview.

However, I believe that just to be certain that Zeraff's operation is completely destroyed and none of his operatives managed to escape, subsequent investigation and a return to the island will be necessary, as will subsequent interviews with Miss Gounaris. As I have an established rapport with her, I volunteer for any future assignments in this matter.