I’m not sure where this came from, the land of randomness, I suppose. Dedicated to everyone who has ever played with their food. This is a stand alone story that places anywhere in the Voyage timeline.


Sharon h.


Chip Morton bounced down the stairwell, a slight smile on his face and in an obnoxiously good mood. He found Lee Crane, Seaview's captain and his best friend, already at the plot table looking over the night's log entries. Not that there was a lot to look over. It was day three of a three-week cruise and so far everything was calm and quiet, probably the reason for the exec's good mood.

Lee glanced up as Morton sidled up to the plot table, already eying the huge orange bag of Reese's Pieces, opened with its contents spilled across one corner of the table. Lee reached over and snagged a few, popping them into his mouth and crunching for effect.

“Whose candy?” Chip asked and promptly began picking out individual, tiny yellow candies. Just the yellow ones. The brown and orange pieces he left.

Lee raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything as Chip continued to sort the candies, accumulating a neat pile of yellow. “O'Brien brought them in. He said his sister has a membership with one of those warehouse clubs. She sends him bags of these things and he decided to share with the crew. He dropped another bag off in the crew’s quarters. Ah, Chip...what are you doing?

Chip grinned. “What does it look like I'm doing? Separating the yellows from the rest.” With that declaration, he grabbed a handful of his sorted peanut butter treats and tossed them into his mouth. He crunched contentedly.

“Why? They all taste the same,” Lee said, reaching for a few more.

“It's all about the power of yellow. It augments my blond powers of Executive-ness.”

Lee nearly choked on his mouth full of candy. “That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Beside there's no such word as Executive-ness.”

Chip popped a few more yellow spheres into his mouth. “How would you know? You're not blond.”

“Thank goodness.”

“You can have the brown ones. Augment the brunet powers of Captain-ness.”

Lee was trying not to laugh at the insane line of absurdity. “So if the admiral asks, what color does he get?”

“The orange ones, of course. Redheads eat the orange ones. Seriously Lee, you need to think these things through.”

“So if these were M&M's, what colors would you eat?”

Chip crunched a few more candies before answering. “Now we've got options. Since I'm blond and blue-eyed, yellow of course, and the blue ones. You can have the brown ones still and the green ones. Bring out the green flecks in your eyes the girls all go goofy over.”

“And the admiral gets...”

“Oh, he's lucky. As blue-eyed redhead he gets the orange and red ones. Of course, I would have to share the blue ones with him.”

“Of course. I should have thought about that,” Lee replied weakly. Chip had gone off the deep end, he was positive of it. With a wandering eye he glanced down at the charts, wondering if maybe they had passed some weird vent imitating a previously unknown gas, or maybe there was a sunken pirate ship nearby...

Chip continued to crunch, trying not to grin at Lee's perplexed expression. That's when Sharkey's voice squawked over the intercom.

“Chief Sharkey to Mister Morton.”

Swallowing his mouthful of candy, Chip grabbed the mike. “This is the exec. Go ahead Chief.”

“Sir, we've got a small situation down here in the Missile room, you might need to come down here.”

“I'm on my way, Chief.”  Chip hung up the mike and grabbed up a handful of button-shaped candies for the road and slapped Lee on the back with his free hand.

“Ease up, Lee. Later I'll explain Rainbow Nerds.” And Morton was gone.

Lee shook his head and sighed. It was going to be one of those cruises.



Visual aids are always good. Reese’s Pieces and…

Rainbow Nerds.