Dear Mom,

Yes, I really liked my stint on Seaview-it was everything everybody said and then some, but like, wow, it was really scary! The Skipper sure hogged the periscope last week!

It was like he was glued to it! At first I thought, uh oh, Mr. Morton's got 'crazy glue' on it, playing a joke, but no, uh oh, something's up that they're not telling us. Which is worse than telling us! Then the Skipper and the Admiral have a low voice conference, and I'm really shaking now!

But then, outta the blue, in waltzed Morton, and he has a go at the scope, turning it, focusing, and hands over ten bucks to the Skipper and says, "OK OK, she's wearing a Blue bikini, not a pink one!"



Adm. Harriman Nelson, Director


I am writing this in regard to behavior by person(s) on your submarine, the Seaview. ( And it's been confirmed by the Coast Guard that it is indeed your vessel in question!!!)

While enjoying some rays this past week I have been followed by the 'eye' of your periscope! That's correct, sir, you have deep sea 'Peeping Tom's' on board. If your sailors want to scan the beach the least they can do is to come in person so my friends and I can 'scope' them out as well. Hope you can appreciate the fairness of this request.

By the way, if YOU are one of the peekers-I'm the one in the blue bikini.

With best wishes for shore leave for all hands.




Admiral harriman Nelson

Miss,uh, well, you know who you are.

I'm very sorry for the undisciplined behavior of my submarine staff. It's difficult for them, you know, all those weeks and months at sea-I don't excuse their behavior, but please try to understand it.

I have reprimanded all those in question and even I admit to having uh, had a peek too. I am very very sorry my dear. Please forgive an old man for taking the liverty. But you have to admit wearing that blue bikini was uh, somewhat provocative to a bunch of sailors?

We just couldn't help ourselves and apologize profusely. You are exceedingly attractive and well, what can I say?

We would love to join you at your beach parties but Im afraid we're off on another harrowing mission and may not come back alive at all.

I assure you it will not happen again.


Harry Nelson

PS. Do you have many friends who like to wear bikinis?


Hi Niece,

Sorry your mom can't write to you right now, she's out searching for our sister-your Aunt Merdee. She's the one you wrote home about, the one wearing a blue bikini that was driving the guys on the Seaviwe crazy. Here's why we know that it's her.

Guess your Mom never told you how she met your Dad, did she? Well, it's like this-our Dad, your Grand-dad is Navy, as you well know. He would take us to the pier whenever he was in. Then he would try to embarrass us by telling off all the heads that turned to look at us (worked too). Well, the 3 of us figured we couldn't do any better than getting a Navy man for a husband & since the crew were already interested, we derssed just for them-me in my favorite dress, the emerald green v-neck, setting off my eyes; your Mom in gold like her hair 7 your Aunt Merdee in a blue bikini-not as little as the ones she wears now. Your Dad liked what he saw and as they say, the rest is history!! Since Merdee's first marriage ended in widowhood (happens in the military, you know) guess this is her way of saying she is ready to marry again. Me, you have some idea of my work, let's just leave it at that.

I'll have a talk with Lee-ah-Captain Crane.



Harriman Nelson, Director


You flatter me by NOT recognizing me. I am Meredith, Mark's widow. You know, your last Navy CO under your command before you christened Seaview. Between your schedule and my seclusion we haven't met since the memorial service. I have been throwing myself into MADD and learning to live a life without Mark.

I'd consider it a personal favor if when you are in port again for a longer time ( like resupply) that you and the part of your crew on liberty would come over for an old fashioned smorgasbord.

You will also meet some officers from your last Navy command. (They have been keeping an EYE on me) Be sure to bring Capt. Crane with you or my youngest sister Samira will never forgive either of us. There will be a group of my bikini friends there as well (added incentive)! Hope to see you and your crew soon.



Dearest Niece,

You're a dear for suggesting it, thanks. Just the mention of seeing Lee brought out the 'green eye' of jealousy from my 'friend'. It worked!

Now I need help from you and your mom and Merdee to have all the planning pay off. DO make sure that Adm. Nelson and Capt. Crane come to Merdee's party. Yes there'll be chaperones. DR &GR will be with us. And yes, I WON'T drink too much. I KNOW it makes me extremely amorous. And nag nag nag I AM taking 'precaution's; you think I'm crazy or forgetful? M has the flying sub stocked up and we figured out a good island to be 'crashed' on. Funny thing is that it REALLY will be an ONI assignment-but boy will we ever have FUN. Iíll tell you about it-when you grow up a few more years.

Your very happy Aunt Samira