Picture A:

img Red by Carol Foss

imgPick Up by GrayLady Sharon

Picture B:

imgSnookumsby Carol Foss

Little Friend by K. Corris *posted post contest 05 Feb. 2011

Picture D:

imgNormal by Graylady Sharon

Picture E:

imgCastles of the Sea by Carol Foss

imgMirror of Dreams by Graylady Sharon

Picture F:

Lights, Camera, Action by Graylady Sharon

img Sideways Through the Looking Glass by Storm

Picture G:

Hide and Seek by Graylady Sharon

Picture H:

Silent Running by R.L. Rosas

Picture J:

Alone (Part One) by Bookscape

imgPart of the Crew (Part Two) by Bookscape

Deep Waters by Diego is in the storyboard section.

Storyboards! Storyboards are the preliminary works of art prior to being finalized for the comicbook. They also allow the artist to see the action, determine sets, etc, to create the visual narrative.


The Comic Book Contest based on these pictures and limited to 2 pages, has ended. Seaview Stories has not had any part in the selection of the winners, which will be transformed into comic format to be present on the Irwin Allen News Network.

The winners are indicated by a blue button: img

Please see the storyboard for their transformation into comic format.

And now a note from the author of this contest: "I want to say thanks to all the writers who have entered the challenge." Diego






*A=The NIMR undersea tunnel at Seaview's home base of Santa Barbara

*E=Captain Crane of SSRN Seaview meets Admiral Crane of a future Seaview

*J=Sargo, a 'Gill' man, found by the Seaview crew near ancient remains in the bottom of the sea, is a time voyager from an antique subacuatic civilisation, and is one of Seaview's crew for now.