Picture A:

Red by Carol Foss

Pick Up by GrayLady Sharon

Picture B:

Snookumsby Carol Foss

Picture D:

Normal by Graylady Sharon

Picture E:

Castles of the Sea by Carol Foss

Mirror of Dreams by Graylady Sharon

Picture F:

Lights, Camera, Action by Graylady Sharon

Sideways Through the Looking Glass by Storm

Picture G:

Hide and Seek by Graylady Sharon

Picture H:

Silent Running by R.L. Rosas

Picture J:

Alone (Part One) by Bookscape

Part of the Crew-(Part Two) by Bookscape

Storyboards! These are still works in progress as the story challenge continues.More to come soon! *Storyboards are the preliminary works of art prior to being finalized for the comicbook.


Submit your stories based on the following pictures, more to follow. The selected stories (chosen by the creator of these pictures) will be used in an online comic book to be presented by the Irwin Allen News Network with a link to that fine site on Seaview Stories.

Please limit stories to under 2 typed pages. Final selection will be made by DSCampos,whose project this is, but votes will be taken by visitors as to favorites.

We're aiming for 5-10 stories per picture, so get those imaginations in gear! More pictures to appear shortly.

Stories will remain the properties of their respective authors but authors agree to use by the Irwin Allen News Network to appear in the comic book.

Get set, get ready, get writing!






*A=The NIMR undersea tunnel at Seaview's home base of Santa Barbara

*E=Captain Crane of SSRN Seaview meets Admiral Crane of a future Seaview

*J=Sargo, a 'Gill' man, found by the Seaview crew near ancient remains in the bottom of the sea, is a time voyager from an antique subacuatic civilisation, and is one of Seaview's crew for now.